Reaction from Blues fans on the TTS Group…what’s your thoughts?

Anthony Lloyd Stansfields was a HUGE chance. You gotta bury them. That changes the whole game

James Smith Norwich had 3 good chances in first half tbh much better on the ball poor performance really deserved the defeat

Jason Hughes not brave enough from the manager today has set up to avoid a backlash after Norwich result last week and it’s cost us hogan say no more another no arsed performance to add to the collection we’ve started season well unlucky to not have another few points in the table but today eustace hate to say wasn’t brave enough

We were poor, don’t think we showed up, plus only having 2 shots on target says it all..
Roll on next game.

We keep making mistakes and giving the ball away. I didn’t expect anything today, but 2 more goals given away.

Can’t score goals guys yet again apart from Stansfield if he doesn’t score goals then I’m worried . We need to get a win from somewhere in the next couple of games if not I’m worried for John .

Missed opportunities again and these are costing us. Juke to start for me on Tuesday as we need more threats

I’ve just watched man city in greese Harland never touched the ball against wolves and he is the best strickers around at present so it shows if they don’t get service they will not score leave hogan alone consente on getting the front boys who ever has the shirt on support

Disappointing performance especially given the squad of players now at his disposal.


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6 Replies to “Norwich v Blues, Birmingham fans reaction”

  1. why is Eustace playing our best striker on the wing? Should have started Dembele on left Stanfield behind Juke and Miyoshi on Right, get Buchanan n Laird back in as soon as they are fit, and Dixon at least on the bench.

  2. Woeful,as l said we have bought a lot of players in but some of dubious quality,Dembele,Roberts,Burke all cast offs that nobody wanted and Bacuna to that matter,Hogan is a waste of time,Juke past his sell by date.We may as well put some kids in instead of these lot.Please George Hall hurry up and get fit,we desperately need some pace and class in the side to aid Stansfield.

  3. I’m sick of eustace playing with 2 defensive midfielders it’s negative football and invites teams to attack us and put us under pressure…we have enough attacking players even with our injuries to put 2 up front jukey and stansfield although I don’t rate jukey much but he worked well with Che Adams flicking balls on for strike partner and holding play up for our attcking midfielders to attack we all no the best way of defending is attacking 4 4 2 formation all the way!!

  4. Don’t know why Stansfield can’t start upfront and drop Hogan. You can then put Dembélé on the left , should’ve been starting today and Miyoshi on the right Bacuna at AMC. That would’ve give Norwich something to think about. I’m not saying we would’ve won the game, but what I’m saying is it would’ve been more attacking.

  5. We have scored 8 goals in 9 Championship games,only 2 teams have scored less.Every Manager since Rowett has been trying to change this problem we have and most have failed,is Eustace going to be the latest??? He must try something drastic like give Dixon a chance but has he the bottle to do it.

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