Another defeat, fans react to the result at QPR.

Not sure what else is left to say. Just copy and paste whatever I said the last several matches now. 1 point out of a potential 21 is just inexcusable

We went there with a team not to lose instead of playing players to go at their poor defence,mioshi,Dembele,why when we can’t defend ffs.
How does Tyler Roberts even get a game ?

What can you say-We are too slow, too pedestrian, QPR wanted it like their lives depended on it.
At the end admittedly it took a wonder goal to beat us, but let’s face it we deserved to lose.The stats tells you it was close but to my eyes QPR were much quicker, incisive, and passed the ball with more vigour.
Monday becomes almost beyond critical that we must somehow find something to get 3 points.

Hogan needs to stay at home, surely Juke on crutches was better

No words. We r in trouble. We lack so much in the final third. Defensively not good enough either. Great goal by Bacuna but that goal at the end was sickening.

Apathetic performance from a bunch of no-hopers. Bacuna aside who kept driving forwards no matter what.

Another miserable weekend, I’m getting fed up with it. To make matters worse my nieces husband and their two lads are Stoke season ticket holders.

Wonder if we’ll be on 40 points before UB40 perform at the ground. Otherwise it’s just going to be a constant joke that we can’t get to 40. I’m starting to think it’s the players, there’s just no passion there and commitment for the shirt.

Losing to poor sides and now quality teams to face, so no hope. At least last weekend was pleasant with no games. We’ll have no decent players wanting to stay next year

Yet again sloppy defending costs us. Plain and simple CLEAR YOUR F**KING LINES. The player will never score another like that. We are still out of the bottom 3 but that’s the only positive. Monday is massive we need every player on top of their game and the fans to make it a cauldron. KRO


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4 Replies to “QPR V BLUES, Fans reactions”

  1. As a QPR fan, can I first praise you for getting this post out so quick; and, secondly, say to you are too good to slip into League One. OK, we dominated and showed quality where needed, but your side were faster on the break and more decisive on the edge of the box. You also have a good manager.

  2. Tyler Roberts 180 career games 20 goals,injury prone and gets a 4 year contract,great work Mr Gardner.

  3. Too good to go down. One point from seven games puts that into perspective. We can’t afford to play Stans field. We need someone who has a calm head up top.
    The defence needs some training.

  4. Don’t forget the other injury prone so called players Gardner has got us.Just here for an easy pay day.

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