Takeover news – Blues fans react

On the overnight news regarding a new proposal..Blues fans tell us their thoughts.

This is birmingham city..nothing is straightforward ..expect the unexspected

For me, I am torn. Blues means St Andrews and would be such a wrench leaving. My worry at a new stadium is if we don’t fill it, if there is a lack of atmosphere, a soulless bowl? But thats exactly what going down the blues is like now, most weeks it is like a morgue! I guess I am open minded to it…one thing though, we have to have premier league football in place as trotting out against reading on a tuesday night in a brand new stadium won’t be a massive crowd puller!!

If a new stadium is being looked into, Birmingham Wheels DEFINITELY isn’t a place where access to the stadium could be improved.

Prime land for housing redevelopment around there though

Great news. St Andrews as we all recognise has been destroyed. A new club needs to rise from these ashes. A new ground will give momentum and more importantly some excitement for the fans. The plans that David sullivan put in place are still there. Let’s put them in place.

If true then can’t come quick enough and if we have to move then so be it👍

Takeover yes, moving ground no. St Andrews is a unique stadium 🏟 would be selling are soul to move

Stay we’re we are KRO

I would be happy to move.
Look what moving has done for Man City. Often its more cost effective to build a new stadium from scratch rather than knock down and rebuild.
St Andrews is a tired knackered stadium.
Any new owners with ambition want to move us to another level I will back them 100%

Well as much as St Andrews has all our history, it is on a imited site and has never been lucky.

I’d welcome a move if I’m honest.. Small Heath is no longer a football environment.. most of the demographic aren’t interested in Blues or football and we as a club have become detached from the city.. for me it’s a no brainier to move but I totally get the drawer and Conection we have to Stans

Don’t want to move from St Andrews it’s the place where I was introduced to blues when I was a baby it’s the place where my dad got me my first kit it’s the place we’re when Ron Saunders hold me has a baby I don’t want to go look at Cardiff from Ninian Park to a stadium which is half empty all the time . Takeover yes moving god no .

Over to you…..

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