Further HKSE announcement

This morning the HKSE have published details in regards to the circular for the impending investment by Shelby Companies Limited . The release covers all points that the shareholder’s need to be aware of along with finance information, current and proposed structure and what the invested funds will be used for. There is a recommendation to agree all points and we now wait for the EGM on 13th July.

I am no expert in this field however after reviewing the circular there are some points to shout out

Use of initial funds

70% on debt
22% on running capital
8% reinvested into other investments

Ownership structure changes

Current structure
Structure upon completion

As previously mentioned there are some financial rewards that will be paid to BSHL should promotion be gained with 2 years

The full circular is available to download below or by visiting –


These are exciting times and now as Blues Fans we can look forwards positively rather then always waiting for the next negative


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