Tilton Talk Season Summary and Player of the Season

Ladies and Gents, we may have reached the end of the season but we at Tilton Talk Show are bringing you another first.  We are today launching the inaugural Tilton Talk Show Player of the Season award.

There may have been quite a few sorrows and far too few joys in this strange old season, all played out in empty stadia around the country but at blues, that wasn’t the only headline drama to make waves..

I think the majority of fans would agree that when a certain Mr Karanka walked through the door, a renewed sense of optimism wafted through the air. A win against Brentford on the opening day of the season certainly started us off on the right path.

Fast forward to December and a promising double clutch of away wins vs Bristol and Reading were swiftly forgotten by the time the chimes of Big Ben welcomed in 2021…Blues didn’t pick up another win until the 16th of Jan at Karanka’s old stomping ground at the Riverside and again didn’t see another W in the form table until Feb 20th against the owls.

By now most fans were getting tetchy to say the least. Repeated calls for Aitor to leave seemed to fall on deaf ears with Dong seemingly steering the blues ship from above into the iceberg of relegation and destined to sink like the famous Titanic liner, down into the murk of league one.

Adiós señor Karanka!

WELL OUR PRAYERS WERE FINALLY ANSWERED AND MESSIAH BOWYER RODE IN TO TOWN ON A GREAT WINGED CHARIOT….. Oh sorry… Was having moment – Reality was that events seemed to transpire from above control of Dong that finally gave Karanka his marching orders and got the Bowyer deal across the line. Whoever that was… Thank you!

Well done Lee Bowyer and staff on assuring BCFC are a Championship side again for 21/22 Season.

A win against Reading and the rest is history! 5 wins 2 draws and 1 loss saw safety assured with 17 points out of a possible 24 for Bowyers Blues. The Cardiff game last week and the final upcoming game are clearly test beds for Lee and his staff to assess fringe and young players on the feasibility of a shirt for next season.

So onto the business of you to pick your player of the season…

Vote for your player whose performances overall have won you over and we will then look to award that player with the TTS trophy. 

Please vote and share so that we get as many votes as possible!

Hopefully at some point we can all join as one at St Andrews in the not too distant future and make it a fortress again – providing the nuts and bolts have been tightened in the kop and tilton!

Keep Right On! Adam Wilkes & Craig Courtney

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Credit Roy Smiljanic for all player pictures

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