Watford V Blues, fans full time reaction

Blues suffered their first defeat in the league to Watford, Blues fans give their reaction.

Totally robbed by a Watford fan. How many yellow cards ratio to them for far worse fouls. Dust off lads for the win Tuesday. KRO 💙 🤍 💯 💥

Take chances and we win. Lost concentration towards end, bad day at office. Kro sotv.

lol. Won’t like my thoughts! Unlucky=yes. MOM= Stansfield. Moment Of the Match=Taking 2 forwards off And bringing on a defender and a midfielder on!

The amount of cards we received off ref was ridiculous..
I don’t think we deserved a 2 nil loss, record now broke, but roll on next game.

Done by the EFL again. Stroud a joke of a ref. Knew it would happen as soon as I saw his name. 7 yellows for us, 1 for them. Not a bad tackle in the game 😐 KRO

Sobering. Need to take our chances and score first to give us the momentum. Sounds like we were done over by the ref. Buchanan will be a big loss for Tuesday night.

The ref was awful. Gave them everything. Can’t give us yellows and not them for the same fouls. Jay and scotty were unlucky with their chance. Missed some creativity and defended well. Eustace should have made changes quicker. We move onto Preston which is going to be another tough game!

Had chances, although referee was terrible the one bad decision that Buchanan made resulted in Blues being down to 10 and really stretched us. MOTM = Sunjic (would have been Buchanan!!)

Disappointing, Watford Away really is a graveyard for us. Didn’t do enough going forward for me, having said that Hogan has to score that rebound at 0-0..different result if that goes in. Stansfield my MOTM..always our best chance of a goal today.

Apart from Jay Stansfield and hogan’s efforts which was amazing saves from Daniel Bachmann you can see what was coming don’t understand why he substituted Anderson and I thought he should have substituted Buchanan cause of Yáser Asprilla pace and you can see what was going to happen. But a real good start to the season another tough game against Preston on Tuesday night I take a point . #KRO

We take on the chin there’s going to be bumps in the road which is a long road we go again COYBB KRO 👍

We have lost so now we start again. As as team we ask for consistency is it that hard to ask for that on officiating also.

Mom stansfield.
Ref was shocking.
We missed a few chances. But we never win at Watford.
Another hard game Tues night.
No need to panic.
We had to loose sometime. Playing against 12 men away from home isn’t easy.
Kro 💙👌

International break and manager of the month, what else did we expect lol, on to tues

In a way, I kind of expected this as Blues never do any bleeding good at Watford. I thought we might end up getting a point at least until it all went pear-shaped at the end with Buchanan’s sending off and then conceding the two goals in stoppage time. Still, we move on and we’ve got an even tougher test on Tuesday night in Preston away. KRO


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