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We asked Blues fans their thoughts and hopes for the coming season, what’s your expectations?

That we have owners that care and a great atmosphere back at our home and the team give 💯that’s all we can ask KRO

Another season of on pitch turmoil I’m afraid. Squad is painfully thin, and we are going to be way behind other teams in terms of signings because of the later takeover happening.
In all honesty who have we now got that could push us on, meaning we virtually need an entire squad to come in and hopefully gel.
Survival and ground repairs are the story of coming season imho

I’d like to think Blues could achieve a top ten finish and also bring the atmosphere back to Stan Drews, with the safe standing area etc.

The biggest difference tom will be the fans,atmosphere and most importantly hope

Troubling the other goalie would be a start. Lost count of the games we didn’t have a shot on goal, soul destroying.

It’s time to build a new prem team. Go back to the premier league. And be nice to win some trophys. And see villa at st Andrews

When it comes to blues expect the unexpected and hopefully see some decent results, so we’re not always fighting relegation.

Hard to beat at home, comfortable mid-table to flirting with playoffs! Having that togetherness John E instiled last season… 💙👏 KRO

I’d be happy to see the ship steadied, plans in place to get the club on a stable financial footing over the next 5 years. I think it’s going to be difficult to progress in footballing terms for at least the next 3 years until the current financial position has been fixed and until we have three years of good financial outcomes. Until then the FFP rules have us hogtied.

I’d take a fairly uneventful season whilst the new regime settle in. Ground fully reopen at some point and improved communication from the top KRO 🏐💙

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