8th at the festive break, what else is to come

At last, there’s some meaningful Blues stuff to consider as the World Cup slowly fades from view. I actually have not seen a Final since 1970. The reason being that the final has been played on a Sunday since 1966 and I have been involved with cricket ever since. A winter World Cup should then be just the job. Sadly, it isn’t.

Finishing in 7th place after playing 23 games is quite an achievement. It is a better position than in 2002 when we rose from mid table to 5th place and then were promoted by the playoffs. Having played a day early Blues could have dropped back to 13th or 14th after today. The fact is that we are 8th and only 2 points off the play offs.

What about the game? Before we even started Blues fans were treated to a site of Sir Jude Bellingham who was England’s shining light in that World Cup thingy. This raised questions about his shirt retirement. I suspect that this was a deal between Dortmund, Blues and even England to squeeze a few more quid out of the shirt manufacturers.

One thing I am actually sure of is, in ten years’ time Jude Bellingham will have films and documentaries about life.  Rest assured someone will say the 17-year-old Bellingham was so good that after only six months in the team he had the world famous no 22 retired.

With a poor Reading side handing out gifts faster than Santa on a promise, Blues were showing some exquisite finishing. 90+ minutes at Blackpool without troubling the scorers and we go one up after 90 seconds. Ironical or what?

With the Bellingham family enjoying the warmth of a hospitality box and the lead 3-0, Blues referred to type and began squandering chances and making careless use of the final ball. Blues then put the shutters up until the game was safe. On came Jordon James followed by Jobe Bellingham.

Jobe particularly has come in for some stick as the Biscuitmen scored a couple of late goals. The first of which was offside by the way. Jobe and Jordon did everything asked of them. Both were secure on the ball and worked hard. The fact that Blues were unsettled by Andy Carroll, who for 5 or 10 minutes could unsettle our conker tree, and then in the 94th minute opened up like the Red Sea can’t be their fault. Yes, it was a disappointing end with our goal difference taking a bit of a hit. The old cliché about being offered that score line beforehand comes to mind. Those 3 points has elevated BCFC into genuine play-off contenders. Dig out a copy of our 2002-03 season.

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