Another manager bites the dust

So again Blues are on the look out for a new manager making it 11 in 10 years. When Karanka came in there was an air of excitement, unfortunately this was short lived. We have not had a settled side, played multiple formations and have been leaking goals for fun. What’s worse was the players also seemed to have lost faith. We have said throughout that what we need is stability and also for the team to play to their strengths. Whilst it is nice to see flowing football that’s all tippy tappy that is not the Birmingham way.

We at Tilton Talk have been having some discussions and our thoughts are below :

Paul – “Even without Karanka we can’t carry on like this something has to change at the top as leadership starts from there and we are approaching double figures on managers since they took over!”

Craig – ” Well we need to go back to basics, if we defend well we do not concede if we don’t concede we can’t lose. We need a midfield that’s balanced with fight and grit along with a person to offer a through ball. We should start with two wingers and yes 2 upfront. It’s the BCFC way and we know that works. If we play with Juke and Hogan we will score as they bounce well off each other.”

Mark – “Its time for support, unity and one final push for safety. We have 10 cup finals, lets keep right on once again to survival!!!”

Adam – ” We have 10 games to save our season and start reclaiming our identity. We have lost our way and are currently a ship without sails drifting towards the jagged rocks of league one… “

Nick – “BHSL – Pathetic, The words Trillion Trophy – Pathetic, Dong – Pathetic, Karanka – Pathetic, Substitutions – Pathetic, Tilton and Kop unusable – Pathetic, Quality of Blues TV – Pathetic, State of the pitch – Pathetic, No fight from the players – Pathetic, Excuses – Pathetic infact pretty much everything about OUR football club is Pathetic. I’ve been going since 1973 and I’ve seen some bad times but this period is simply the worst I’ve ever seen the club run. It’s rotten from top to bottom, My message now is clear yourselves off before we go under. This simply isn’t good enough once again 10 games to save a season, What’s wrong with you all that you give up so easily. This is not the philosophy of Birmingham City Football Club, Change starts NOW”

To sum up

We know that passions are running high, but what we all need is to come together to support the team now and whoever comes in. They need us to help them steer the ship away from the rocky waters and into safety once more. Our anthem sums it up there will be joys and sorrows but we as fans will be there at the end of the road through thick and thin as our blood is blue and we will never give up, we will always Keep Right On..

The Tilton Talk team

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