Blackburn v Blues Fans react to the defeat.

Some reactions below…

Too open,can’t go gung ho & not defend.will lose more than we win.

Same old predictable rubbish can’t score then let in loads of poor goals they are not good enough.

Conceding too many goals..can’t play out from the back..98% of goals conceded under Rooney tenure have come from blue’s trying to play out from the back..,can’t play that way..we are incompetent and cannot adhere to the you score 3 we’ll score 4 mentality..if that’s how blues owners want us to be then fgs get rid of WR and get keegan in

We just haven’t the players which has been the case for the last decade. Come January I expect a lot of players out. Another disappointment Kro

Too open but looked better going forward , JJ had a great game looked much better tonight, too many shots off target tho must test the keepers more!! And Sanderson looks completely lost , as does aiwu

Sounds like we played some good football in phases but the stats seem to tell the story though; so few shots on target 6/26, leaking goals, oppostion having 61% possession.16 conceded in 7 games. It’s very alarming. It’s kamikaze. The 🙄

There might be many good things happening off the field, but precious little on it.Needs Kevin Long to be fit pretty quickly. He and Sanderson formed a good solid back line last season. Also need a new goalie desperately. John Ruddy has really gone off. So how many away points have we got this season? Dreadful.

Decision making in the final third was unbelievably bad. Yes 27 “shots” but most from full backs from 30 yards! Approach play ok, then no clue or composure. 2 nice finishes from Dembele papered over the cracks. Finished the game with 10 men when Rooney put Hogan on.

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