Blues last two games summed up in a few words “Good, Bad and downright Ugly”

Lee Bowyer disappointed or distraught?

The most disconcerting vision I had after Blues horror show against Middlesbrough was the interview Manager Lee Bowyer gave to BluesTV.

Lee’s usual stance is to look for positives however few, point out the short-comings and always complement the effort. The performance on Tuesday was such that positives were impossible to recall and more depressing the effort was not mentioned.  The Boss for whom I, and most Blues supporters have complete faith looked a tired and broken man. His answers were evasive and he was unable to explain what had gone on the previous 98 minutes. Zero shots on target and goals conceded that would have embarrassed to a Pub Team’s 2nd XI.

Those who read this column will know I am usually positive and light-hearted. After Tuesday’s episode I cannot find anything funny or positive to say. We all share our Boss’s frustration and grief. We are only safe from relegation in our own optimism. Barnsley and Reading both had positive results. Were the points taken from teams below us be reinstated we would be in the deep and smelly.

My Player breakdown !

Let’s go through the players who have taken part in the last two games who after the win at Bristol seemed to change personality.

Neil Etheridge.

When you have suffered life threatening Covid it takes time to recover and when you do you are liable to suffer after effects months later. Neil made some great saves in the last two games but lacks the surety of his pre-Covid games.


Nico Gordon

Great to have a local lad looking to be a long-term prospect. He was caught in possession too often during the two games but his obvious talent shone through.


Marc Roberts

His return was impressive but during the two home games the domination is no longer evident. He may be regretting signing his new deal but is nowhere near the presence seen at Bristol.


Teden Mengi

As probably our best defender, his return was very keenly anticipated. After 20 mins he was gone with an injury recurrence. I have no idea how we get more wounded than the Battle of Hastings. Sadly, neither does the manager or the physio team?


Jordon Graham

Doing Ok apart from his crossing. Winger, wing-back, full back. Can’t expect much more


Kristian Pederson

Looking forward to leaving in the summer. He’s okay as a full back. Mengi’s injury meant he was back in the centre and a goal was scored a few minutes after he did. Red Card just about summed his performance.


Ryan Woods

Sprays the ball, good vision. His problem is the players he gives the ball to at the moment are not capable of creating much.


Juninho Becuna

Body language is all wrong. The minutes spent on the bobbly pitch in two games has been very poor. Looks as though he would rather be somewhere else.


Taylor Richards

Hard to put into words how inept the Brighton loanee was in his first start.


Gary Gardner

His recent upturn in form disappeared. Almost totally anonymous on Tuesday.


Tahith Chong.

His comeback was startling at Ashton Gate but with the secret out the opposition have made him their target. His attempt to find his pre-injury form was not helped by leaving on the bench for the first half.


Lukas Jutkievicz

 We all love Jukie but I would have let him go 18 months ago when there was still some fuel left in the tank. No service and fitness questions, is there any wonder he is struggling.


Scott Hogan

No service. May have well stayed on the bench.


Onel Hernandez

We must have realized that the Cuban is our most dangerous player. Oppositions have, and he often double and triple teamed. Surely that should create space for someone else? For goodness’s sake Blues give him the ball!


My Final thoughts …

We go to Swansea on Saturday where the away end will be packed, No swaths of empty seats and a half decent playing surface. Whoever takes the field owes the Manager and us Fans Big TIME!

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