Its safe to say Blues fans were very unhappy with the performance last night, heres a few examples..

we are now running scared cant pass cant defend and we seem as though we dont want to get stuck in is it because most of them know they wont be there next season is pritchard fit

Pritchard and laird nightmare last night.these players are good enough proved it under Eustace. Cooke , Rooney blame for this and get Ashley Cole out to !!!

This could be the season,that Time has caught up with us.

You cannot win football matches with sub standard squads. We can only hope that we finally realise we in the fight of our lives.

So sad these times

Cost me £80 to get there and back with ticket petrol and parking a beer and a pie wtf was that, roll on Saturday……league 1 football next

Thar was Blues worst performance of the season. Pritchard had a nightmare game. Difficult to choose a MOTM. Possibly Buchanan. Stansfield tried hard but could not do everything on his own.

Only silver lining was that we only conceded one goal!

Piss poor performance , no passion, no hunger, no direction, no chance of staying up this season ,

Can’t blame Rooney or Cooke for this crap, same players almost, just not good enough, false position when they came to the club.

I really hope Gary Cooke is taking a long hard look in the mirror and asking himself why the hell did I get rid of Eustace and get that muppet in, not saying we would be going up but think we would have been comfortably top half 

Theirs know excuses for having one direct shot at goal at home when fighting against relagation whole sLe clear out weather we stay up or not as for Watford Saturday they have just appointed a new manager so they will b up for it to impress the new manager it’s not looking good if anyone deserves praise it those bluenose that keeps going to watch these terrible performances K R O

Bereft of ideas. Little movement off the ball. Struggle to pick a MOTM – I’d give it to Drameh or Buchanan. Jay tried hard as ever, but he can’t do it alone. We lacked impact after Koji was subbed. Clinging onto the hope that the others around us flounder. What a season!

Absolutely disgusting performance.

One or two tried. The rest, waste of space.

Laird worst game for us.

Ruddy, couldn’t pass water after 20 pints.

Totally disgusted by that sh## show.

Now for the 3 hour journey home

Early score predictions for next season, Stockport 1-0 Blues, Blues 1-3 Blackpool 3, Wrexham 2-0 Blues, Northampton 1-0 Blues……..it’s going to be a struggle!

We were gutless. Pathetic. Not good enough at all. If that’s how they react after the talk they’ve had after the game and saying we’ve got 10 cup finals then we need to be worried. Can’t believe we clapped mcgree off after he scored either.

No fight or leaders and some do not deserve to wear the shirt!

Who ever told Kevin Long that he can leave and not getting a replacement needs to go . Middlesbrough didn’t have to get out of second gear to beat us which worries me. These players are cowards no belief no passion and their looked resigned to get relegated. The gaffer who is recovering from surgery you would have thought the players we roll up the socks up and get at least a point and a performance out of one of the games but no their look weak. And growing into a relegation battle you need mental strong players look at Danny Rohl at Sheffield Wednesday took a team that where desent for league1 and he came in and change the fortunes of the club and if their win they next game their go above us. You can blame managers all the time but if the players are not committed like QPR and Wednesday are doing right now then you got huge problems. They can still get out of it but there mentality needs to the change . #KRO

A woeful performance.. And always a ex blues player on the score sheet.

What the hell is wrong with us, where’s the passion and the fight gone, have they just decided to give up and not bother. Can’t score for shit, even if it was a rolled up ball of shit we still put it wide.

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Post match thoughts below from Alan Watton (Watto)

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