Birmingham City fans voice their opinion on the TTS group concerning the latest defeat to Boro..

Need investment into the squad like I said on the show we needed a young hungry striker and we didn’t get one doesn’t matter if it’s from the lower leagues we need pace up front simple as that and we need to lower that wage bill juke love him to bits but need to get rid and who ever else to keep are status in the championship. KRO

Not sure where Beilik is I think he’s still at the WC !! Been awful since we’ve come back 🤷🏻‍♂️

Optimism took a beating after that, and now dropping like flies. Its almost like the world cup derailed us!! Lets not have no shock/horror at the cup line up as our injuries pile up.

The cup match gives us a chance to rest tired first teamer’s.

Let’s use that as an opportunity to get rest back into weary bodies.

Another injury today to an already thin squad and anymore and we will really suffer.

3 games ago we could have been in the top 5 so let’s not despair just yet.

Plenty of time to sort this out and get players back fit and firing, as long as they don’t exit in January of course. KRO

We were 💩 end of… Can’t pass a ball, can’t stay on the ball, our players looked so tired and disconnected, too much space given and 3 easy goals for boro…
As for some of the challenges a few shud of gone our way but that’s another dopey reflection of a referee decisions that always goes against us..

Tbh I thought we’d get a point but right now we are a disgrace, think we need to take a good look at ourselves and work out what the bloody hell is going on..

WE are missing key players to the team, and you can clearly see it,

Roll on next game in Cup match…

Always terrible over Christmas and New Year, things were looking good a week ago when we could have gone 5th for a couple of hours. Time to look down the bottom now, going to be a struggle.


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5 Replies to “Blues V Middlesbrough-Fans reaction”

  1. Just back,thought it was a awful risk playing Graham at left wing and so it turned out at fault for goal and exposed all game .Eustace tactics are baffling sometimes.We need to know what is happening with Hall,Hogan and Gordon,no news,why ???? we need these players back and quickly.

  2. No ambition at all if they go and the money will not be reinvested in new players,relegation a possibility this season I’m afraid.

  3. I can accept the comments regarding Blues recent performances since the players do appear jaded and tired after a grueling fixture list over Christmas and New Year. As an overseas supporter, I only saw the Burnley game on TV, although I received personal feedback from other Bluenose friends.
    The current injury list is frightening and return to fitness of players like Dean , Gordon and Gary Gardner can’t come quickly enough.
    I don’t believe the media inspired stories about key players (Hogan and Hall) about to be sold. It really doesn’t make financial sense, although whoever said the current BHSL ownership has any?

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