Hi Bluenoses, everywhere.

What a performance at Cardiff whereby something or somebody changed dramatically. Amid rumours of Training ground bust ups odd injury stories that accompanied our sorry showing at Coventry there was obviously a change of policy in the way Blues had gone about their business. Firstly, the boss was heard to say that they were looking for a result rather than a good performance. Yes Wayne, what a good idea and your boys came up with not only a result but a decent performance as well. All I can say is that had they been give that message on day one of Rooney’s tenure we would be 10 points better off and moving towards this ‘no fear ‘football that Wayne has talked about. Don’t try and run before you can walk. Most Blues fans didn’t think Rooney was capable of crawling yet alone sprinting.

That’s done now and we move on. Another Saturday at 3,00 with no football. Results, if they go the wrong way could se us drop a place or two before the Monday night meeting with League leaders Leicester. Sky Sports will be there hoping for some wives’ tittle tattle to break out. It is embarrassing that the whole of their championship broadcast when we are on, excessively, is about ‘what Wayne did next’. It gets Blues fans annoyed and it must make the opposition more determined.

The format against Cardiff, whether by accident of by design, was what was required. We got our back four with two centre backs willing to do what centre backs are supposed to do ie head it and kick it. The two full back both ensured there opposing wingers were not given the freedom to attack us and a midfield who protected the back four and supplied the front men with plenty to work with.

I must congratulate our women’s team who won again last Sunday at Milton Keynes. There was expected to be a bit of a goal feast against National League opponents but the Dons girls although never threatening our goal, put up a magnificent rearguard action to keep Darren Carters lasses at bay. The two deciding goals came in second half injury time and it all made for an exciting and entertaining Cup-tie.

Blues will travel to National League North side Burnley for Round four. The women take on Sunderland on Sunday who are riding high in the championship. A win could put Blues on top of the table at the halfway stage in the season.

God bless all Bluenoses.

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TUESDAY 19th Dec 6:30pm

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