As I write the nauseous “Deadline Day” is coming through loud and clear on Sky Sports. In spite of the activity at St Andrews they have yet to mention us. I am not going to talk about those coming in or those going out except to say that whoever is pulling those strings is doing a grand job. My main concern is the fact that we have more loanees than we can actually use. Something has to change here. There is absolutely no point having a loanee and paying him to watch. Hope that we can convert one of them to a permanent, even if short term contract. My suggestion would be the ‘Polish lad’.

Onto the game

The Norwich match was a vast improvement on the previous two debacles. I genuinely applaud the player’s efforts if not entirely happy with the managers performance. Both his substitutions were followed by the conceding of a goal. Okay it turns out that Scott Hogan was not well and took to the field in spite of his condition. His performance and goal were pretty amazing. He remains the only striker on the books to score so far this season.

Troy Deeney, who in my experience never gives less than 100% was also outstanding in terms of work rate and creating space. No player has ever conducted himself better either on or off the field than Troy. His story of life is inspiring and I am proud that he is a Birmingham lad and a Blues player. I suspect, sadly that those who are pillorying him have other more sinister reasons for doing so. If you don’t recognize what I am alluding to then you are probably one of those.

The game itself hinged on two incidents. A generous free kick given outside of the box which, when taken was brilliantly saved by John Ruddy. The ball somehow finished in front of goal and was poked in through a sea of Blues’ legs. Frankly it was a fluke. The second saw their goalkeeper desperately clear from near the half-way line. While Marc Roberts was clearly fouled, the ball found a way to Pukki who slipped a ball through Blues’ disarray of a back line. Hernandez, who else? scored with ease. A well taken chance but also fortunate in the buildup.

No matter who’s in charge or who’s being signed no-one can rid us of the mantra that “if bad things can happen, they will happen to us”. Good fortune is just not in our DNA.

So, the plethora of good signings will be available on Saturday. The “Chairman” enthusiastically welcomes you and hopes that what ever you bring to the party it might include some good luck. Preston have incredibly not conceded a goal yet this season. Would be a nice place to start.


Its back!


This Monday 5th Sept 2022

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4 Replies to “Deadline Day, Norwich and what’s to come”

  1. Troy’s performances haven’t been great since joining the club. His performance against Norwich was amongst his best for us. Fans have criticized him because of his performances. There’s nothing sinister about that. There’s nothing we’d love more than one of our own doing the business on the pitch. The transfers have been good this season but not being able to sign a striker is the main concern. I do worry where the goals are coming from. Hopefully we can still pick up results and address this in January for a good second half of the season.

  2. To many false dawns enough is enough the club is finished from the ground players staff owners whoever they are. This from a bluenose of over 40 years

  3. Troy Gets a lot of stick completely undeserved. People say he hasn’t done anything since coming in he’s not actually a prolific goalscorer and never has been but what he does do is split defences we do not have anyone else you can do that. We need an out and out finisher Hogan is maybe not the answer. Troy needs the right partner with him.

  4. Next transfer window can we try and get things done early on, leaving it to the last minute does not work, as we have found this time.

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