Easter’s over, 50 points reached (ALREADY), travelling 400 miles and we maybe we are on the verge of a new beginning

After an Easter programme which was about as exciting as finding there is no loo paper in your toilet, we have a massive upsurge of joy and interest in #BCFC! Yes, it would seem that at long last a takeover is on the horizon. The previous trio of investors threw money at us only to find they had, despite saying otherwise, failed the EFL suitability test. Hopefully any new money will be coming from appropriate sources and will be accepted by EFL. The punishment for the crime of not being OK-ed by the Football League is a massive 3 month ban from football. So, they could be back in the frame before the season’s fixtures are out. Over a lifetime as a percentage of my income I have put more into Blues than David Sullivan, Not once has anybody questioned me where that money has come from.

I have been banging the drum to get some excitement into the club and get the players, many coming to the end of deals with Blues, upbeat. The possibility of a buyout should be an incentive for them to get their fingers out and put on a show. At Sunderland tomorrow we need a great deal more effort than we have shown of late. On a decent pitch with tasty opposition, if we don’t show more determination then we could be on the end of a shellacking. What the manager has done over the last few weeks is hide behind some ordinary performances and settle for being hard to beat. Yes, we get the importance of that but please give us something to get us out of our seats, Mine will be housed in my seaside dwelling by the way. Travelling 400 miles for what was served up last week is not on. As a season ticket holder my seat is already paid for so don’t think that’s costing the club anything.

Let’s hope that the latest investors are genuine and reliable. New seats, retro shirts and overpriced food will not get the job done. We require serious and intelligent investment; let’s hope these people have some of those attributes and get us back to the level we were a dozen years ago.

Watch out for my post-match report from Sunderland on Watto’s weekly LIVE and the Tilton Talk Show on Monday.

God Bless all you Bluenoses and stay safe.

Anyway, look out for ‘Watto’s Weekly Live’ on You Tube, Twitter and Facebook.  

God Bless you all


Back Monday 6.30 April 17th

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