From coast to coast how two games can differ

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Hi Bluenoses, everywhere.


After the sheer joy of the win against Plymouth, reality was ready to kick us in the crutch. (Note non-gender reference) The desire to rest players and give other players “minutes” was bound to failure. Our normally impenetrable back five was reduced to a gap ridden mess which Cardiff were able to exploit in their first attack. The sending off of Jukey was a disaster on so many levels and soon saw us concede again. Hogan’s second goal in two games may have silenced the moaners but an equalizer was not forthcoming, and gaps opened up and a third was added to seal the “points”.

Still in the running for two more trophies we have Millwall to face in a lunch time kick off this Saturday. Still no Laird or Roberts back from injury and Jukey is suspended so we will have to show the kind of commitment that was evident against Plymouth.

What a difference a few days can make. After a couple of days of considering whether top spot was ours at least until 5.45, we go into nail biting mode with the unavailability growing and confidence diminished. A regular fixture has changed to a “can we keep our 100% home record and our No 1 defensive position.”

This will be manager John Eustace’s biggest test this season. He needs to resurrect that spirit shown in all the performances so far and find a right back from somewhere. After Saturday we can regroup as the Ist international break of the season is upon us. This is where we get all our injured players fit and lose 3 more with training injuries.

Nothing is worse that having to wait two weeks after not winning. So, lets not. Let’s shove it up ‘em Blues


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God Bless you all


Back Monday 4th September

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