From ranting about the football to shouting with pride

來吧布魯斯 – Lái ba, bùlǔsī

Those who read my rant from last week which painted a pretty chaotic situation at B9 might be smiling at what happened at the weekend. I know I am. Those players and management who managed to come up with a three-nil victory over play off chasing Luton, in spite of our dour situation, were magnificent. An exciting front line all netted and although having only one defender in a recognized position kept a clean sheet.

The weekend’s victory welcomed as it was, could not deflect the criticism of the Board. Protests and marches are still taking place and as long as they remain disciplined should continue. There has been some response from the owners but the promise of improved communication frankly has fizzled out after one brief attempt.

So what can we do ?

Blogs and media often put forward the idea of supporters on the board. A good friend of mine who was a professional scout used to like to sit amongst the fans rather than the director’s box. He could get solid information about a player from the punters whereas the Directors rarely knew who he was talking about.

So here goes with Watto’s guide to how to run a football club, particularly Birmingham City F.C.

In the brief communication made to the followers of ‘the Blues’ you admitted that Chinese business culture was very different and the kind of statements expected in Britain were not given in China.

Well in Britain football clubs particularly like Birmingham City have to fight for every bit of media exposure with other local clubs. Fans want to pick up their local newspaper and read about their team, everyday! Virtual media has taken over the local rag but the concept remains. Barry Fry kept us in the media spotlight for 2 years when the local rivals were two divisions higher. If this is alien to you then employ a front man to do it.

I have no idea what football means to the Chinese. I do know what it means in this country. Its place in the national psyche is too important than is really healthy. That’s how it is, you will ignore it at your peril.

In my 62 years of watching ‘the Blues’ two thirds of the time has been a struggle. 90% of that time we have been a major club. 10 years ago, we put that beyond doubt. Now we are not just concerned about if we can at least get a point at Stoke on Saturday or stay clear of the bottom three. We now are concerned that within a year or so we won’t have a club at all.

The Laws of the game are the same in any country and so is the concept of success is the same. Frankly the fans don’t care how you run the business but they do want to win on Saturday. Football is a life style in Britain. It is also a commodity which has to be sold and promoted. Having absent owners and a stand falling down is not selling or promoting Birmingham City FC Plc.

BHSL maybe the owners but Birmingham City, as all clubs, belong to the fans. Please understand that. If you can’t, admit defeat and go.The Chinese banner BTW is ‘Come on the Blues’

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