Middlesbrough v Blues, fans reaction

Rooneys first game in charge, what did the fans think of todays game?

Didn’t expect much and we didn’t get much. Not sure about ‘no fear’ that looked like ‘all panic’ football. Ruddy MOTM

That was very hard to watch. Felt like we were trapped in our own half the entire match. Sunjic I guess was my MOTM, he was the only one putting pressure and winning tackles. Think we lost our defensive edge when we took him off. Still only one match in under Rooney, can’t be going after him just yet. Long way home from Boro….

Didn’t think we’d get much up there to be honest, Wednesday is a big match for Rooney.

We fear who we want, we fear who we want, we’re Birmingham City, we fear who we want!

Ruddy was MOTM for me… It could’ve been 4 or 5- nil without him

The first person Rooney wanted to replace was Ruddy and he just saved us from a trouncing, mmmm…….

When he clearly undoes everything that has been achieved in just 1 game..wrong formation..wrong team selection..wrong tactics ..errrrmmmm

First game..but that was worrying. A 3-man midfield with Sunjic playing right-side & Gardner left, leaving Bielik with no legs around him and Boro played through far too many times. Early days but I don’t think most of these can play a passing-style. Looked like square pegs in round holes out there.

Ruddy motm. Formation was wrong, lacked creativity. Hogan no. Weird subs but least he made them. They are a good team but if they finished their chances we would have lost by far more. Rooney saying about full backs but as they r so high they left HUGE gaps. Gardner and sunjic having to cover the ground to try and cover them. Stick to 4-2-3-1 then the likes of Dembele will be able to play in their usual position out wide. 6 hour round trip 👍 let’s hope we can get a result on Wed!

Feels like the progress we saw, simply with correct formation, better width and starting eleven in the last two matches has been undone for the sake of it, as new managers are inclined to do; today’s performance and result the consequence. Bringing an out of form striker into the position of an in form striker, playing a key midfielder out of position, imposing a style which leaves us exposed at the back and subbing Dembele and Stansfield our greatest attacking outlets when Miyoshi left out of the starting eleven. Would prefer to see Rooney build on Eustace’s progress, not undo it just for the sake of putting ‘his on stamp on us’. The ‘No Fear’ strapline, if it means front foot and higher press could really undo us this season. I read Rooney’s post-match comment, ‘There’s an awful lot of work to do’. I think this is both an exaggeration and an insult to what Eustace achieved. If he means this in terms of getting promotion this season, fair enough, but it doesn’t seem the expectation on Rooney is to achieve that this season. Early days for Wayne Rooney, but his line-up and formation cost us today.

Bring on January and get rid of the dead wood. Ruddy man of the match


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