Another defeat, this one away to Norwich, We asked the fans on our Facebook to group to give their opinions.

Fragile and blunt. Frustrating how we go 2-0 behind before pressing.. The lack of a hungry, fast forward reduces our chances of turning games around, especially with such a fragile defence. Still think we’ll stay up, by the skin of our teeth. Not ‘disappointing’, but bl@@dy infuriating.

Never get anything away at Norwich. Luton on Saturday is one we should win at home, but won’t…..

No surprise Max did well so MOM for him like I said not getting a young hungry striker in will cost us and it’s proving it Craig Gardner needs to take some responsibility to not picking up a striker in two windows is not right .

I fear for our club still being here what a shambles the hole club is rotten and think players have give up as they don’t know the clubs future

We were absolutely shocking first half couldn’t defend couldn’t keep the ball…🤬🤬

A screamer by Norwich, 2nd one embarrassing..

Second half well we seemed to pick up got one back but still hogan poor, longelo poor, missing key players and we got so many holes in the team it’s an absolutely joke..🤬🤬

By the 3rd goal, tired legs, n yea we wasn’t gonna beat the canaries it was that obvious.. My bloods boiling because if their ain’t a rift happening in the locker room then what the fluff is going on apart from the shit show concerning the board and EFL..

6 points from 30, joke team of the championship, points deductions coming, feel sorry for the travelling fans, BSHL out

A bad night all round for Blues with defeat at Norwich and with Stoke and Rotherham both winning. Down to 19th now and wondering where our next point is going to come from. BSHL out now!!

Eustace better then Bowyer as Moving forward. Don’t think so.Pound Shop manager. Think the sooner we go the league 1′ the better.We are out of our depth.

My comment is ! It’s hard work been a bluenose , and credit to those who go home and away watching us ,since 2016 the highest we’ve finished in the championship is a lowley 17 th ! But we’re keeping the faith and KRO regardless.


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3 Replies to “Norwich City V Blues Fans Reaction”

  1. another poor first half showing always giving ourselves to much to do ,nothing up front again ,John Eustace is a nice bloke but I think he is too nice ,he said we had good situations first half he didn’t watch the same half as me then he goes on about the team being together and the fans shouldn’t get down when results are poor we are in this position every season and listening to the fans at Norwich there is not much faith in anything changing.not one for keep changing managers but my message to the manager toughen up and don’t be afraid of big egos,do it your way but grow a pair and stop being too nice do

  2. l would have played Gardner in place of Bacuna and Friend instead of Longelo but that’s just me, whether it would made a difference who knows but although l think Eustace has made a few boo boos this season he was in fact rather bold in his team selection last night.We have big problems however and the trouble is our opponents and their Managers know it,we are very fragile and it is hard but at least there was a little fight shown in the second half so it’s not quite so bad as the Zola and Karanka eras.Trouble is there are not may options up front,right now we have a choice of two,Hogan and Jukiewitz so we have to rely on midfield to score and as we all know that has not been forthcoming this season or in any of the last 6/7 seasons.l don’t expect too many changes for the Luton match,l can’t see how we can play both Hogan and Jukiewitz together so it’s a choice between them.Its really sad that a proud Club like ours are scrapping for survival year after year and if we do survive the majority of the Team will not be here for next season and whoever is in charge will have the same problems as previous Managers.

  3. You would think that someone somewhere would want to buy a big city football club.so we could get out of this mess .when the best players depart we are left with nothing.no money to improve it’s just quicksand and we’re nearly up to our necks. The academy for all their hard work never produces 1 forward…midfielders defenders but never forwards why?? . Craig gardner should resign now he knew at the start of the transfer window we couldn’t sign anybody and left cosgrove at Plymouth who is at least better than big mouth Deeney

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