From a perfect women to a not so perfect performance

In a past life someone asked me who I thought was the nearest to the perfect woman. I immediately thought of Delia Smith. The reasons were that she was attractive, had a few quid, owned a football club and almost certainly after the match would serve up some decent grub. Her ability to run a club or at least hire people to run a football club, are infinitely better than the incompetent owners that run ours. Without a sexist thought in my brain I remember when a woman ran our football club. Mrs. Pesch now Dame Mrs. Pesch presided over the greatest period in Birmingham City’s 148 year history. Had she not had such an obnoxious personality they might well have been building statues to her at the ground.

What led me to this train of thought? Well shots of Delia and the old man sitting comfortably watching her Canaries taking apart our colander like defence despite having both their star strikers out injured. Meanwhile I, banished upstairs, was banging my napper on the bed post in rage. Teemu Pukki has in the last 4 years has scored more goals in this division than Blues have!

The match was another disaster for Blues defensive frailties. The first goal it is said, was a worldie. Maybe the technique of the scorer was worth a look at. Blues players did exactly that. No closing down and the Keeper made a zero attempt to get to what was a 25 yard lob. Before you guys jump up in rage, I know that Ruddy kept us in the game last night but the nutmeg which was rescued by Long was poor. Big John served up a goal at Swansea with a shocking kick and got away with two others against Albion.For the Cardiff freekick he was out of position and the second at Huddersfield was a failure to close down the angle properly. 30 games behind our back line would be enough to tire anyone, Perhaps a rest would help, after all the No 2 keeper is not the worst.

Blues TV and the gaffer were fairly complementary about the effort and that we were well in the game. Really, we were not. Playing for 35 minutes out of 96 is not in the game. The second and third goals were give-aways and we only managed two shots on target throughout 96 minutes on the field. (5 out of 19 at Huddersfield)

No criticism of the manager from me. Like his predecessor he is dealing with an injury list worse than the Battle of Hastings. Lee Bowyer gave up in the end but I’m sure John Eustace is made of sterner stuff. He is a Brummie after all. The Albion match was thought to be the turning of the corner. Sadly round the corner all looked good up ahead until we hit the unseen pot holes. (Like driving is Sussex).

Anyway, look out for ‘Watto’s Weekly Live’ on You Tube and Facebook. 

God Bless you all


Is Back 6.30 Monday 27th February.

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