My first port of call today is “The Troy Deeney debate”, There is no debate. If he wasn’t a True Blue then he would have said up yours and be gone. The stick he’s taken, and mostly that has come when he is injured, has been nonsensical. Where would we have got a Premier League striker with close to 200 career goals to his name. Troy adds a dimension to Blues play and that is all I am interested in.. He has written columns for the Sun and been a regular on Talksport, Two things that I detest, he’s even scored against us a few times, but all I care about is what he does in a Blue shirt. I know that when he is out there Blues are more likely to score than when he isn’t.

1960’s Football

Many thanks for the reaction to my Videos on “Football in the 60’s”. It was great fun to talk about those times when football was an intricate part of many peoples lives. In my young days my classification of the human race was either you wanted to be a footballer, or you didn’t. I would rather talk to a V**la fan than a train-spotter. My next project will be on the 1966 World Cup. World Cups were better played at Ayesome Park than the Lusail in Qatar.

League Football’s back

So a fortnight after our welcome trip to the smoke we are home again and for the fourth time of asking, Blackburn Rovers stand in our way. I don’t like the idea that if we win a couple more games we can ease off or give one or two younger players a chance. From first game to last the only way to get a game is to be in the best eleven available. Bowyer did that in his two years of tenure. We ended up getting some right spankings and Bowyer was out of a job. Heavy defeats deflate the team and the fans and you spend the close season in depression and uncertainty. JE has 8 games left on his road to be rebuilding. No need to discard all the hard work he’s done. After 50+ games where will we be?  We want to be a place where good players want to come and investors want to buy. Ending the season with 20 points from eight games changes the whole character of #BCFC. Two wins, a draw and five defeats will have the fans dispersing to the Costa Brava and rich men thinking wouldn’t it be fun to buy Wrexham.

This last two months will define what we are and what John Eustace is all about. 10th to 14th says that we are moving in the right direction. 18th or worse says we are the same old strugglers who will inevitably drop down and will never return.

I’m on the way to St Andrews for tomorrow’s gig, Block B of the main stand if you want to say hello (B50)

Anyway, look out for ‘Watto’s Weekly Live’ on You Tube, Twitter and Facebook.  

God Bless you all


Is Back 6.30 Monday 3rd April.

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  1. Agree to a certain point but if we are safe with 5 or so games what is the point of keep playing say Colin who more than likely will not be with us next season,also the kids that Bowyer played last season now should be better prepared for the Championship so what would be the point of keeping James,Hall,Bellingham,Williams and maybe Gordon seated on the bench,no point in my opinion.

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