From Chelmsley Wood to a leader on the field

After the disappointment of losing to lowly Cardiff could the week get any worse? Well, sadly yes. Troy Deeney was victim of racist abuse BY ONE OF OUR OWN FANS. Not that racist abuse against anyone else is acceptable. We still have, in 2023 people that can only express themselves with this kind of language. Do they think that someone’s ability or lack of it is dependent on one’s skin colour. I know the life that Troy has had, and where he came from. He has probably put up with this nonsense all his life, His story is one of inspiration for every person whatever they purport to be. The ‘Wood’ from whence he came is no paradise. Every kid of every shade who comes from there has fought prejudices most of their lives. A Chelmsley Wood address has never been seen as an advantage. I know because I was around when they built it. I also, and I apologize for this, used the area as basis for my short standup comedy career. Something about my guard dog being unable to put out fires. My Auntie Mary who lived there most of her life was furious at me. Quite rightly so, and my apologies to anyone who would have been offended by that.

Troy Deeney I am sure, divides opinion on his value to the Club. Troy has been an inspiring captain and still retains his instinctive goal scoring flair. He may have lost some pace but they say the first five yards are in a player’s head. What ever his attributes or otherwise, being a mixed race Brummie has no bearing on his ability to kick a ball. 

The idiot who gave him that abuse should take a look at himself in the mirror. Firstly why would you want to pay £20 plus to hurl racist abuse at someone who probably earns that amount in less than a second? Troy Deeney is a fine human being who has fought the abuse and now speaks out for all people who are discriminated against. I suspect the abuser himself is not of a privileged background. If he is, then he can do one anyway. Like as not he is one of the people who needs the support of people like Troy and should be behind him on and off the field. 

The Tilton Talk show hosts have gotten abuse from those who feel we are just a group privileged to be supported by the Club.

We are not and represent people who have the Blues interest at heart. I well remember in the 70’s when the goal net at the Hawthorns was filled with bananas. Maybe I thought that was amusing. I know I was uncomfortable with it and what evil was coming out of the ‘Zulus’. Ironic that became a multicultural group! My comfort was really disturbed as Cyrille Regis cut us to bits. What ever team Cyrille played for he always seemed to find a goal against us. That abuse rang in his ears for 15 years or more.

40 years later we have hardly changed apart from getting worse. In those terrible times when Cyrille, John Barnes, Laurie Cunningham and many more were terrorized, no-one would call out their own players. Those hypocrites would never see skin colour wrapped in their own team’s kit.

I’m sure the perpetrator of this evil against Troy will be found and banned from football for life. 

So, Saturday we go to Huddersfield. Relegation threatened, winless for weeks and with a new manager. Just the sort of a situation we never have difficulty do we? 

Anyway, look out for ‘Watto’s Weekly Live’ on You Tube and Facebook. 

God Bless you all


Is Back 6.30 Monday 20th February.

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