Fans reaction Blues V Luton Town

We asked the fans on our group page for their thoughts on today’s game, do you agree?

When we go down, which is now inevitable, we can clear out and the value of the club will drop. BSHL will have to sell for 50% of todays value

No need for a midfield it was hoof ball all the way . We look slow to what has happened sick of it nothing will change until owners are gone KRO everyone

I bet Wigan can’t wait for the points if he is still in charge,no manager has survived 10 defeats in 12 games,let’s hope he’s not the exception,at least the vile won today,so he is happy.

I really don’t believe that group of players are this bad. We can complain about the owners all we want but those players are better than what is being dished up week in week out.
Only one person to look at for that.

Absolute dogsh*t. No shots on target all game. A second half Scott Hogan header that hit the bar was about as good as it got for Blues. No fight, no passion, it’s as though we’ve given up already.

Easiest away game of the season for a lot of sides😔

How much are they charging for this excrement?? You can see why people have become so apathetic. 10 defeats in 12 now…😳

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