Considering the Blues had a reputation of winning nothing there’s a fair number of Cups in front of this line up! No, I wasn’t there to see them, I’m just a few years too young!

Derby 2 Birmingham 2. Be honest prior to the game would that not have been an acceptable result? For 70 minutes the fact we played Derby off the park so much that the Sky-Sports Wayne Rooney love-in were coughing and spluttering onto their Ram shaped scripts. Wasn’t that a joy to behold after what we have been served up in recent weeks?

But for incompetence of the officials the much-criticized substitutions would have been heralded as master strokes. Am I making excuses for the errors? Am I defending our owners in anyway? Of course not! The problem is that with any kind of protest against owners, managers or players there is a tendency for those who are the most vociferous in their protests to want things not to improve.

Before the protesters start hurling abuse my way, I must say that I fully support what they are doing. Sensible, well thought out, and very little misbehavior, it has been well executed. Keep it up.

What we don’t need is over-reaction to what was an unfortunate ending to the excellent performance. It was a bloody good game!! How many of those have we seen this year?

Keep up the good work but recognize the great work ‘the Club’ is doing to keep us at least on track to a comfortable position. We have lost almost a full team through injury, loans ending and suspensions. The squad is beginning to take shape and when the likes of Troy Deeney, Taylor Richards and Tahith Chong become available we can really start moving forward.

Back to the protests. Big ups with the fact that it has been given plenty of air time on all but Local BBC. Talksport and ITV have featured us extensively and best of all the owners have had to respond.

The state of the Kop and Tilton stands is a disgrace. We all know that. Things are moving slowly but let us not kid ourselves, the safe position of the team is number one. If when there are 5-6000 people queuing up to get tickets each week then the stand will take precedence. Derby sold every seat available last Sunday at Pride Park. Tomorrow we are likely to have less than 10,000 Bluenoses on the stadium versus Sheffield United. Televised matches traditionally are not well supported at St Andrews. Why not watch it in the pub or in the warm at home? The Derby Fans could have done that.

What a match we could have tomorrow. Blades have hit a streak of form, as have we with three games unbeaten. I am looking forward to the new guys having that bit more in their legs and we start to finish a few more of the numerous chances that we make.

Hears to a clean sheet and some positive publicity! #KRO

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