Back in May we were blessed by the fact we had gone from certain relegation to safety with two games to spare. At that point our manager gave the major players early holidays and sent out a bunch of trialists to fulfil the fixtures. The result was two heavy defeats and all the momentum was given away. The excuse that we were giving players the chance to see what they could do didn’t wash with me. I could have told Lee who was worth keeping and it wouldn’t have been many I assure you.

All the shortcomings we had before the gaffer arrived have now re-surfaced. We now have taken 12 points from the last 12 league matches. Relegation form. Never should we give away league points in any situation. I’d rather have a lift off Jack Grealish.

Our current position is four points fewer than Karanka managed at the same stage last season.

Those are the bare facts. We face Notts Forest on Saturday who have just gone to Barnsley and walloped them. Of course, Forest will be completely knackered as they have to play Wednesday then Saturday and will probably give up by half time.

 4,5 hours of football and no goals, chance after chance wasted and every break finds us all over the place defensively. What ever we did to salvage last season we need to start now. Back four to start with. Four across the middle and two up top. Which two? Well, deal out the cards and first jack up plays. None have threatened the opposition goal for a month.

Karren Brady banned my programme notes when I said playing in goal against Blues was the world’s easiest job. ‘All you do is fetch the ball from the empty seats and take goal kicks’ 25 years on and nothing has changed.

We have been rumbled and we need a plan B. Chong needs the ball in space and facing their goal. Bela needs to be attacking not playing Left Back and Colin the opposite.

Dean and Roberts are what they are and consequently cannot be exposed when the ball is given up. Up front a better class of service is needed.

Phew! That’s my rant over. 29 hours by train since our last goal. Arrived back home Tuesday 1am, no fuel, no Taxis and it was persisting down. Stay safe and keep right on.

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  1. Great blog with which I have complete empathy.
    The match between Blues and Forest on Saturday 2nd October 2021 now looms as critical. According to media reports the win by Forest v Barnsley was not a fluke result and Blues need to take Forest seriously if they are not to be embroiled in another relegation battle this season. Blues have the talent to avoid this situation, lets approach the challenge in earnest. KRO.

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