Pride, Passion, backing and #BSHLOUT

This weekend, the team showed the pride and passion for the shirt that we had been missing. It was great to see that despite being 1 goal down, we didn’t give up and in the end got what was deserved.

The original Crazy Gang

Friday evening, I was at a meet and greet hosted by Tom Ross at the Meadway. The original crazy gang were in attendance Robert Hopkins, Tony Coton, Noel Blake and Mick Hartford. The evening was great and one thing resonated throughout. That was the love for the club both on and off the field. When they arrived at training or at the games, they ensured that each player played for the shirt and if that didn’t happen, the players let them know. 

They mentioned that fans realised at the time, that the football was not going to be pretty. It didn’t matter though as we were BCFC and we had hardworking no nonsense players.  The crazy gang team scared opponents- we need that back. We need players to do “a Hoppy” and let them know early doors that they were not getting by, so they knew not to mess with them and that, in turn, will fire up the fans.  

Crazy Gang at B6 in 1983 – This game was mentioned by the lads and as they said they didn’t hold back with the tackles

Everyone’s frustrated

At the moment, we are all frustrated and want a change at the club in terms of owners. However, without a buyer this cannot happen.  Fans need to use the frustration that’s built up and make St. Andrews a fortress again. The march is a good way to highlight what’s going on along with the #BSHLOUT campaign but we also need to be loud and proud in the stadium to show potential buyers what we are like and advertise the good of our fanbase. I have seen a lot of people posting about blocking players and staff entering the stadium, asking people to throw tennis balls on the pitch or all invading the pitch. This for me will put people off looking to buy the club. It is the ugly way to protest. 

The team and Lee need us backing them at the moment not disrupting them further. On Saturday, lets get behind the team, get St Andrews bouncing and show potential owners what we are good for.

#BSHLOUT #Tiltontalkshow #BCFC #ItswhatMondaysarefor

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