Changes, Twitter bans, support the cause and Back Lee

I wanted to get my article in early this week as things are changing by the second. I also wanted to wait until the Preston result was known. Things always seem different after a decent performance. Last week’s farce against Plymouth ignited the sudden movement against our owners. They and Boris Johnson will be vying for the “who’s going first trophy!”(Have a couple of quid on Boris).

My Thoughts

I am in complete agreement with every body who knows that Birmingham City FC are going nowhere under this current ownership. I don’t think that action that violates the club’s property or its personnel is a good idea. Yes, have a march from Digbeth that blocks traffic and annoys people. Lay down in the road if you want. Hopefully the local media will get off their lazy backsides and take an interest in our problem.

BBC particularly, treat us with contempt and Sky sports is run by the followers of Aston. The town council would rather have the Commonwealth Games in a temporary shed nearer to Walsall than the City Centre. Had they supported David Sullivan’s idea of a 50,000 all seater Birmingham Stadium half a mile from St Andrews the Games would have been world class. So, the powers that be are not on our side. Because they don’t like us. It doesn’t help when the Sullivan and Golds are attacked after a game and some loony runs on the Pitch and takes a swing at one of Aston’s darlings. So, we must ensure that nothing is done to tarnish the name of the Club.


One broken bottle, one policewoman shoved and it will be over. No-one will be interested in the cause only the effect.

I started my own peaceful protest on Saturday morning and whilst watching the Cricket I retweeted at least 200 tweets with the WAR banner #BSHLOUT. By 10am I was blocked by the owner who probably has seen my name 4000 times by then. And I still don’t know his.

So, if you can read this get retweeting. If you do get blocked just create another account and keep going.

Copy in the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 BT sports and SKY and if you can, include sports networks in America, the Middle East and China. What ever you do, DO NOT DELAY THE GAME.

If I don’t get the 17.30 from New St to Euston, I don’t reach sunny Bexhill on sea till after midnight.


Who are these people who were chanting last week for Lee Bowyer to go? Without Lee’s courage and hard work, we would have been in League 1 at least by now. We can all take easy pops at him. Why was our Goalkeeper not Covid jabbed and lost 6 weeks playing time and almost his life? Did LL give up the winning streak at the end of last season by putting kids in the team and taking 2 hammerings? Why was the dross that had been brought in by Karanka not shipped out at the earliest possible moment?

I’m sure that you can think of many more. I can guarantee that his management was controlled from above. (The Board not the Lord) The Riley Mcgree farce is a prime example. He wanted him to stay as the fans did. But for the sake of a few quid, he ends up at Middlesbrough! That smells of the ownership control to me.

Thankfully Lee Bowyer has pulled a few rabbits out of hats and has done some excellent business. The injuries that have inexplicitly occurred, off field distractions and mysterious loan returns would have crippled most clubs. We pull off a great result at Preston with a squad who have hardly trained for a month!

I also suspect that the Loans of Chong, Mcgree and Sanderson were shifted around so that money could be saved. One small defense of the owners is that we are pretty skint and if Lee or the board can spend wisely then so be it.

We need cheering up

So, let’s start smiling again! Last Sunday the Women pulled off a remarkable win against Arsenal. Congratulations to Darren Carter and his team. Sadly, they took a bit of a tonking today against Man Utd but so did Aston who are well within our sights.

The U/23s got a good point against Premiership Burnley on Friday and the best 16-year-old in World Football made his League debut for us today. YES, for US.


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