Read the chairman’s thoughts as normal service is resumed

Hi Bluenoses, everywhere.

Normal service has been restored at B9 and our defense was torn to shreds by Blackburn’s slick passing and our own habit of giving the ball away high up the pitch. For some reason the Manager “Our Wayne” made changes to our defense leaving out Laing for some strange reason after we were all praying for his return. Buchanan the best left back in the league was shifted to central defense as Aiwu had to freeze his backside on the bench. Curious decisions it must be said but we must back our manager as best we can.

Having watched the game from my bed to save heat I awoke to see coverage of Monday’s coverage of the Club’s attempt at an open house. I am glad I had watched the game first as it did lift my spirits somewhat and Tom Wagner and Gary Cooke made some great speeches filling all Bluenoses with hope and anticipation. Yes, the ground is starting to look impressive, and interest and revenues are increasing. My own experience of the matchday in the main stand is that the place is falling down. Pies take half an hour to be served there was no tea and the staff who seem to change every week are lacking in any idea.

While what I saw on Blues TV was good and does fill me with great hope, at my age the 10-year plan is hard to reconcile. I would prefer to hear a ten matchplan. All the talk of attacking football being the answer and dominating possession bringing success need the right management team to deliver that success. 

So one step forward and 6 back is the current management team’s record and Saturday sees Blues take on Rotherham who are probably in the bracket of “should win”. They are not in the bracket “will win” and thus are high pressure games which will not, what ever the result, be easy. I have just looked up the fixtures up to Christmas and frankly they frightening. The excuse if we lose will be that they are tough fixtures. Sadly, as we career down the table more and more difficult each fixture becomes. Our next away game is against Coventry who were 10 points behind up a month ago are above us. West Brom who we outclassed 7 games ago are 10 points clear of us now. 

I do believe that the Wagner-Cooke duo is as aware of the facts as I am and will try their best to rectify the situation. They have revitalized this club everywhere, but one decision has made the whole plan become on the face of it a house of cards.

God bless you all.

Anyway, look out for ‘Watto’s Weekly Live’ on You Tube, Twitter and Facebook


4th DEC 6:30

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