The end of one reign but unbeaten under the next

Sorry for the delay but my phone and Laptop both ‘died’ and a few quid lighter ‘The Chairman’ is back.

The death of Her Majesty came as quite a shock to us all I’m sure, and for me personally I was immediately wanting to show my sadness and respect. While other major sports like cricket, Rugby League, Rugby Union and racing all took the news in their stride and within two days were putting on fitting tributes to Her Majesty. Their programmes went ahead as I am sure the Queen would have wanted,

Our wonderful Football Authorities basically filled their pants and called everything off. They cited various reasons including the lack of police which for this area was ridiculous. Yes, we know this government has left us 20,000 coppers short, but we have managed for 12 years so this should have been no problem. The real problem was the TV schedules would have been affected. Putting Saturday’s games back a day would have messed up the Tv Games. So, their statement that it was out of respect was fatuous. All football fans would have loved to show respect as soon as possible, not wait a week when frankly the non-stop coverage had become tedious.

Full marks to BCFC for their tribute and the Fans of Blues and Coventry for their part in the honoring of the late Queen. Stirring stuff indeed. Sadly, the game did not meet the expectations of Bluenoses who had witnessed an epic display at the Baggies. Since relegation that was the best showing by a Blues team by far. Had we not lost two players through injury we may have hit 4 or 5. Refereeing decisions still haunt us. Two penalty shouts both went against us. In truth neither were penalties but at least ours occurred inside the box!

It was my first live game of the season, thanks to the RMT who had called off their strike action. I was excited after the wins at Preston and Albion. What I saw was no better than the last time I was there. Poor distribution, shocking finishing and defensively we were too reliant on John Ruddy in goal. As I have often said when Blues have these kinds of periods, the opposition will have noted what makes us tick, Crowd Bacuna, kick Chong, double up on Deeney, keep the ball away from Hogan. Easy really and at least a point is guaranteed,

Two weeks of international irrelevance means we now have a chance to get everybody fit and ready for the next quarter of the season. Usually, we get two fit and lose three. Apart from Hogan the players away are the younger element so should come back reasonably unscathed. Just need to worry about the one’s we injure in training,

I popped along to Charlton on Sunday to see the girls third game of the season. Oh dear; they were soundly trounced 3-0. Too many poor finishes and shabby defending made this an afternoon to forget. Darren certainly has his work cut out to get them back in the Premier League. Only one goes up and a defeat at any stage is disastrous.

Blues Men remain undefeated in the reign of Charles III, Thinks can’t be all bad.


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