The season behind closed doors

So we have reached the end of another season and boy has it been weird. We started with the high of a new manager. The manager who was coming to save us and take us forward without interference. A CEO who said publicly that he had learnt from the past and that the manager was here to stay…

Fast forward 10 months and the merry-go-round that is BCFC has not let us down. Our believed saviour of a manager sacked, Lee Bowyer coming in and saving the club from relegation (Again). Finally we end the season and our CEO leaves (or was he pushed) after copious amounts of pressure from fans.

The Lockdown legends Mountain

During all of this though, the lads at Tilton Talk Show continued to deliver. Over 50 guests during the past 12 months and the introduction of the Leighton Webster Fan Cam. Lets also not forget over £2000 raised for charity. All of this despite the world being ravaged by COVID.

We have asked the lads to sum up the manic 12 months & season and here are their thoughts.

Nick (Mr Floor)

Usually we have a break in the summer when the football season is all done. This last year has been a very difficult one for all of us, some losing family and friends, others seriously ill and many very vulnerable.
None of us allowed to share our time with our families and friends and isolation for many. So we collectively decided that we would keep The Tilton Talk Show going all through lockdown and throughout the season. None of us knew at that time that we would miss more than a whole season.

We embarked on a summer and new season of shows. The aim to keep everyone in touch and to bring back a bit of laughter into all of our lives. Its been a tonic for me to read some of the amazing comments we regularly got. Lets not forget the fact that we have cemented life long friendships with all our listeners and viewers.
The season once again was a long long road. It was only to be saved after The Tilton Talk Show persuading Lee Bowyer to come. 🙂

Craig (Mr Fixer)

As a season ticket holder of over 25 years this has been the weirdest ever. We started the season and all knew things were not going to open up but then we got a glimmer of hope when fans returned to some games. Sadly the Midlands was being ravaged and therefore we never got back.

As a Blues fan, its engrained in us to expect tough times and things are never easy but when Aitor Karanka was onboard suddenly things looked brighter. We started to think no more relegation battles and instead start midtable and build from there. Typical blues though and within a few months we knew a relegation battle was on the cards. Finally, player and fan power prevailed and out went Karanka and in came the man who said on TTS “Never say Never”. The impact that Lee had was instant and who can forget that first game and the shrugtastic performance. The team just pushed on from there and can now take things forward into the 2021/22 season.

The past 12 months have also been busy but fun on the Tilton Talk Show. The guests who gave up their time to join us have been amazing and never in my dreams did I think I would exchanging messages with Robbie Savage, Lee Clark and Cameron Jerome to name a few. We are intending to continue guests into the new season and have ex players requested by fans lined up already. The lads have been brilliant and have brought fun and frivolity to every Monday night. That has helped people cope during this unprecedented time and allow people 90 mins where they can relax and most importantly laugh.

I wish everyone a great summer break and am looking forward to continuing from August.

Keep Right On !!

Mark (Mr Robe)

A season that started so optimistically with the arrival of an established manager. Aitor Karanka soon descended into abject misery!

All our hopes of a decent season (and at last some stability) frittered away with loss after loss, shrug after shrug and all played out to the ever watching Ren Dong, stubbornly refusing to show any modicum of grace.

However, just when it seemed that we were all looking up the dates for the ‘Pappa Johns Trophy’ games. Clenching our teeth in preparation for trips to Accrington and Fleetwood. Then a saviour appeared in the shape of a certain Lee Bowyer!!

To say his impact was immediately positive is an understatement.

It was sensational.

On the pitch, fantastic results and points were accumulated to ensure safety with a couple of games to spare. The players were seemingly invigorated (despite none of us being there in the flesh).

A corner was turned in style as highlights included the evergreen Lukas Jutkiewicz grabbing his 50th Blues goal. The much maligned Marc Roberts playing himself into a genuine ‘player of the season’ contender.

And so, the season has ended on a massive high with the exit of Ren Dong. This has left me and thousands of others genuinely excited about next season.

My own hopes are gravitating towards a solid mid table season and simply the return to our beloved St Andrews for us bluenoses!!

One final word from me before the summer – a huge thank you to everyone involved in the show.

However proud our boys have made us on the pitch, it’s the same story for our fans. Those fans have used TTS to make me realise what a great, great blues family we have!

Stay Safe

Paul (Mr Sheen)

For me the last 12 months have been extremely difficult from a football point of view. It has been good and bad because like many others I want to be there to cheer the lads on through thick and thin. As for club affairs I was pleased when we got Karanka and was very surprised by how much he struggled. More often than not when we were good under him we were good which was mainly away from St Andrews. This was strange but when we were bad we were awful and there was no in between. Some of his subs and in game management was baffling aswell.

Thankfully the inevitable change of manager wasn’t made too late. Under Bowyer we were consistently a completely different team with exactly the same players. Now that Dong is out the door aswell I am now alot more positive about our future and hope we can start to move in the right direction starting from next season!

It has also been a pleasure to be part of the Tilton Talk Show stay at home specials. Over the past 12 months its been brilliant speaking to fantastic special guests and more recently our fans. KRO

Adam (Backroom Staff)

Since the first lockdown , I was totally on board with keeping the Tilton Talk Show going and giving 2 fingers to covid-19. It seems all our guests to date were on board too and understood the importance of keeping the show going. Helping people get through such a difficult incomprehensible time and what it did to keep a positive mental outlook for our blues family.

My favourite part of this whole situation has been able to talk to and ask questions to players I have watched play on the hallowed turf of St Andrews. Also hearing from equally interesting and endearing none players.

Now the season has ended, I am hopeful again for the future, for a time when I am back in the terraces singing KRO and enjoying a Balti pie. Watching our beloved blues under Lee Bowyer pushing as high up the table as they can.

Finally, my last words are thank you to the rest of my Tilton Talk Team mates – Chris, Nick , Paul, Mark and my co backroom staff – Craig and Dennis Bohemia. Together we have driven the show forward, raised money for charity, talked blues and had many, many laughs! KEEP RIGHT ON and here’s to the 21/22 Season!

Chris (Mrs Browne)

What an incredible 12 months and what an incredible line up of guests we have had, huge thanks for sticking with us! roll on season 11..

Season 11 coming to a social Media Channel near you from August !!


A great year of guests , football and non football related stories shared along the way, all inspirational in their own way. With the movement in the club’s leadership both on and off the field it will hopefully be a good season 2021/2022 for all blues fans KRO

Thank you’s

Thank you to all our sponsors and associates – BoyleSports, SAS Autos, The Garrison Coffee Company, AccessiBlues, The Blues Trust and of course our good friends at The Bordesley Labour Club. We couldn’t  have achieved what we have without these people but more and most importantly a massive thank you from the bottom of our hearts to every single one of you that has supported us by tuning in on a Monday night without you, believe us we are nothing.

Together we are one big Blues Family who do so much for each other in terms of love, care and fundraising. Massive thanks to Aunty Linda for organising so much on the fundraising side, this will never stop.

The final word from Nick

This last 14 months has seen an amazing guest list and thanks to Craig, Adam, Dennis and everyone involved that are off screen, you truly are an amazing team.

I promise you as soon as we can organise it we will all meet up at The Bordesley Labour Club and have a real good session and a laugh. I would like to extend my thanks to all the guests that we have had on and for giving up your own time at no cost during the pandemic. Next Season we go again, on a level with every other team in The Championship. Lets see what Lee can do and could we possibly dream? Who knows.

I’ve had my heart warmed by the generosity of our fans with some funbelievable results, well done to all. I’m going to sign off now but I could as you probably know carry on till Christmas (Ooh its my Birthday Christmas day if I’ve never mentioned it before) Thanks also to all you mad people out there who make the last 15 minutes of the shows so rememberable. My last thank you is to the team of presenters Chris, Paul and Mark. You guys are just the best there is.

I look forward to meeting you all at St Andrews and in the studio as soon as we can. Much peace and love to everyone for the whole summer – We will be back before you know it, until then always Keep Right On – We’ll meet again

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