Watto’s Weekly – Issue 1

Hi Guys. Those of you who are as old as the main stand may remember my columns in ‘Blues News’ mainly when Trevor was in charge. If you don’t know who Trevor is then there is no hope. Peter Lewis was the editor to whom I am always grateful.

This is my column 2021 style and we begin with the aftermath of the Fulham game. During my four- and half-hour drive home listening to R5 it began to gnaw into me hearing about ‘Fulham’s comfortable win.” It was anything but.  Give the guy’s and the manager credit for the way they played. All their goals had an element of good fortune, while one had to admire the clinical nature of their finishing.

The fans stuck with them and like I, had still a feeling of optimism as I left for home.

That’s the fan stuff now let’s talk realistically. The much-vaunted left side of our defense was poor. Sadly, like the bad old days. Up front we created little clear cut and when we did couldn’t finish.

Did we deserve better? We scored once and conceded four. So not really.

Anyway, we move on to Saturday and London Road Peterborough. Not too many defeats there I can remember. One sticks out in my mind when MS Dame Brady who was never interested in away tickets as they made no money, put the AWS Wembley final tickets on sale that afternoon. Those of us at the game that afternoon were not over chuffed, as you can imagine. The Posh decided to not touch the pitch before the game to annul our superior skills. With the ball bouncing around like a beach ball with ball-bearings in it we succumbed to a Ken Charlery brace. Barry Fry, not to be outdone signed him up.

Only 4 weeks into the season the pitch should be okay. After Wednesday we should be smarting. Good managers don’t allow consecutive defeats and Bows falls into that category, I’m sure. It was noticeable when we went back to a back four on Wednesday, we looked more comfortable and created pressure and more chances.

For their part, Posh are coming off a drubbing at Sheffield where we won 1-0. You all know what that means!

Absolutely NOTHING!

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