What a weekend we had last week. My normal 200-mile trip to St Andrews was interrupted by a tweet from the club. It said “Would all Blues fans please cease their journey as we cannot guarantee the match will commence” I was 150 yards from the ground on the 97 bus !

Thanks a bunch Blues. Had to miss the last 10 minutes of the match got to New Street, was put on the wrong train and got home close to midnight, sugar levels dangerously low and dehydrated.

I can’t complain too much as a fellow tweeter Gary Williams has 100 times more health problems than I do and is still dedicated to the boys in Blue. The Club made him a guest of honour last week proving their heart is in the right place if their organizational skills are lacking. We are all rooting and praying for you mate!

The game …..

What about the game? Well, when 4 of the 5 back line players are missing keeping, a clean sheet was always going to be a stretch. For about 70 minutes the opposition never looked like breaching our lines. One has to hold one’s hands up and say the Reading opener was brilliant. The cross was sensational and Marc Roberts was unable to stop an equally fine header. Roberts has been outstanding for weeks now and it was no mean feat to get the better of him.

We did not fold and still looked likeliest to score. Then the merry whistle blower took a hand. Bela was clearly hacked to the ground near the halfway line Reading recovered the ball and went on to get the winner. Where do they find these people?

Bad news is that, the injuries are long term in most cases, and with Chong out until March and McGee’s loan to end in January we will be stretched. The brief flirt with getting near the playoff places has gone and above half way by Christmas will do thank you.

Just a word about the Women’s Derby on Sunday. Let’s get plenty of bodies down there and help the girls see off Mrs. JUDAS and her bunch of ship jumpers. The Villagers have never beaten Birmingham City in any competition to date. Let it be so!


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