Wayne Rooney now officially in charge, how will he fair and will fans get behind the new gaffer?

Have a listen, all the regular stuff plus:

Higher Lower, Last 15, and much more!

With Mark Adams, Chris Browne, Craig Courtney, Claire Giblin, Paul Hipkiss, Nick Spall, and Mark Meredith in Texas

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Produced/Edited by Chris Browne


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2 Replies to “Wayne in charge-Tilton Talk Podcast EP9 S13”

  1. Great show , all i want to say is even listening to you well informed supporters it’s plain to see the inbred negativity within us Blues fans . Numerous times it’s said if Rooney loses the next three games ,or who would come in if he got the sack ? One person even mentioned Gary Monk! This before we’ve even kicked a ball under Rooney ! Remember the new owners know nothing of our misery over the last thirty years or so for them it’s a new start we no longer think like that . Positivity is the new buzz word to them winning is all that matters ,hence the reason J E got the sack he considered success would be to finish higher than last year , to them there is no reason why we can’t win the league ! We have to change our mentality people we are on the way ! !

  2. I think leicester are in a strong position but the rest are up for grabs the championship is a long distance event look at Luton winning the play off final.

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