10 men, 9 Men and a 2 match ban

After last week’s moaning rant (read by over 1500 apparently), quickly became wrapping paper, you may have been hoping that my warnings would be forgotten and the loss of key players would be covered by outstanding displays by our youngsters and our players returning from loan. Wigan have been in the Football League or Premier League for over 40 years and we have beaten them 2 or three times. Those battles have played out in the top three divisions and we don’t win! Personally, I having witnessed 99% of those fixtures and enough is enough.

John Eustace pre match went through his “It will be a tough game, they are used to winning, Blah Blah Blah”

Be honest, you and I were thinking its about time Blues were sticking it to what is basically a Third Division team.

When our teams, containing good players for the level failed, what chance had this diminishing group with a manager in his first position as a No1.

What I and many others would have said !

My or your, team talk would have perhaps gone along the lines of this: –

Right boys, here we are again down to the bare bones and playing a team who have lost here twice in about 45 years. Their fans know it, their players know it and you can bet your young backsides that our fans know it. Every club has their bogey teams but Birmingham City must have about 40! Today is the day you lay that bogey. No other result is acceptable. Win we are top six, lose and we are bottom six. That will be our season, 90 minutes of destiny. You wear a badge which means something very special, go out there and do not lose to Wigan

What actually followed the gaffers ‘gee up’ was nothing short of an embarrassment. Getting the Aston loanee sent off after 10 minutes was such an advantage on so many levels. After 80 minutes of ineffective attacking play where their goalie was hardly forced to put his crisps down. Blues 0 Wigan 1. As I said last week, we have players in the squad who are not good enough for this level. As if to reinforce the point, the fringe players played against Millwall U/23 on the Monday and were beaten 4-1 and ended with 9 men. Steve Spooner the coach said he was ‘proud’ of them.

Groundhog Day sees us go to Rotherham, a similar size club to Wigan. Same script by the manager, “Tough match, used to winning etc.” No new signings, players who might make a difference still injured, and to add to the misery a suspension. Lukas Jutkiewicz the victim of the red card challenge has been accused of “deceiving” the ref. Since when that a crime? Blues have made history again. Two games out for something that was spotted by no-one. No offence given, nothing.


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