Avid readers of this column will no doubt recall that I said that Bristol City’s Ashton Gate had been a happy hunting ground for the Boys in Blue over recent years and expected a decent result. As that other renown Warwickshire literary giant might have said “Beware the Ides of March!”. It’s amazing that Blues seasons, good bad or indifferent, dip in January and February only to revive in the Windy month.

What is more astonishing that the last 11 visits under the Severn Bridge have produced 8 wins and a draw. It is hard to recall that sort of sequence at St Andrews let alone on a regularly visited away ground.

The Restoration of Marc Roberts and the long-lost Nico Gordon to our beleaguered defence was a God send. Apart from a rather poor mix up which led to the hosts goal they were solid as a rock. Roberts came up with a sumptuous pass for Chong to finish superbly and Nico’s header for the second was also top class. Ironically with a mass return of the fallen that made our bench look good for the first time for months only one change was made.

The team looked completely renewed. The potential we have been hoping to see started to emerge. Players who had sloped of the field the week before strutted their stuff.

So why the pictures above ??

The three guys in the pictures above would be on any Blues fan’s wanted list. All three have made a tremendous impact on our team and we hope that we can restore our other wounded and see them all together before the season is out. What are the chances of them being on the pitch for us next season?

Tahith Chong is in my opinion one of the best players seen in a Blues shirt. Francis, Dugarry and Bellingham are the only ones who are ahead of him. Having watched the Manchester Derby on Sunday one has to ask the question why isn’t Chong already in United’s team? So, our chances of keeping him depend on United improving greatly. The current manager is unlikely to stay and the new guy I hope brings in enough new recruits that Tahith is considered surplus to requirements.

Lyle Taylor aged 31 has showed himself to be a fine finisher so far. His own club Forest seem to think they don’t need him. Well, if they think that then I am sure we will be more than glad to give the boy a spot in our squad. Again, if Forest don’t slump between now and the end of the season he would be advised to come.

Onel Hernandez of course is a Norwich player and his future depends on Norwich’s fortunes.

Unlike the other two whose teams’ season is still in the balance, the Canaries future is beyond doubt. Their manager, whose name escapes me at the moment was doing a fine job sending Aston down the tube, when Delia Smith invited him to do a similar job at her club. One can only assume they must be related.

Norwich have been up and down more than an outhouse toilet chain. They do not normally, when going down clear out the star players. When the inevitable happens and Norwich turn up at St Andrews next season there is a good chance Senor Hernandez will be in Blue!

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