Fans reaction Wigan V Blues

Blues fans on the Tilton Talk Show group give their reaction on today’s draw at Wigan. Shud of scored penalty, think it goes to show how poor we still are.13 shots… 28% and 2 on target 🤷I can’t see where...

March 4, 2023

From a perfect women to a not so perfect performance

In a past life someone asked me who I thought was the nearest to the perfect woman. I immediately thought of Delia Smith. The reasons were that she was attractive, had a few quid, owned a football club and almost certainly after the match would serve up some decent grub.

February 23, 2023

Norwich City V Blues Fans Reaction

Fragile and blunt. Frustrating how we go 2-0 behind before pressing.. The lack of a hungry, fast forward reduces our chances of turning games around, especially with such a fragile defence

February 22, 2023
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