God loves a trier , we demand and 3 points against the R’s

Hi there Bluenoses. A few more smiles this week after a much needed win over Queen’s Park Rangers at Loftus Road. I always love a win against the me “R’s” going back to their Rodney Marsh days, That 4-1 and 3-1 defeat in the FL Cup semi Final in 1967 still sticks in my craw. Marsh was the archetypal Cockney flash Harry and I loved to see him clobbered by Roger Hynd as often as possible. In fact even a Claret and Blue shirted thug ripping the back of Marsh’s leg would bring a smile. The stand opposite my seat on Saturday was named the Stanley Bowles Stand. Another slime ball who I never liked. Why Rangers have a penchant for dubious characters is beyond me. What would be wrong with the Les Ferdinand stand? Les was not only their best ever player he was a gent.

Blues looked well capable of a tidy few goals after a 3 minute opener by Chong. But we don’t score often enough, and one had to be enough. I was so bored by half time I was continually looking at my watch not fearing an equalizer but sheer boredom and the cold. The day brightened when the bus ride back to my son’s saw groups of Brentford and QPR fan’s arguing about who had put up the worst performance that day. The Bee’s man was saying “you couldn’t even beat BERMINUM”. My boy held onto me as I fought against telling the fat spiv that BERMINUM had lost once in 70 years at Griffin Park and were yet to concede a goal at their new drum!

Anyway we are not safe from what ever, and need to get as many points as possible, 60 points would show that JE has done a good job and securing double the points we were expected to get. No experimentation or chance giving before the season ends. Time enough for that pre-season. A Barry Fry style, 3 games a week for a month is what we need. Preferably all on the Southeast coast. 

My line up would look very different from now. Out would go the 30+ expensive players. Hogan, Jukey, and Deeney up front, Gardiner in Midfield, Colin, Long, Roberts and Dean at the backand goalie Ethridge. What have I got against them? Nothing at all. At the moment they have value and can all go and get good final contracts with any club. We have a few out on loan who can move on too. That will free up £7m-£8m in wages which would pay for those who are currently on loan.  Easy isn’t it?

15,000 season tickets would fetch around £7m-£8 and we are good to go. Any new money coming into the club would have us ready for a promotion push which in turn would multiply the intake. Now I can hear all those negative Brummiewinding up their moaning Minnie voices. “ Well that’s all very well but……” But what? The stand might fall down or there’s the curse and there’s no puckkin pies and them toilets are a disgrace. No more hoping and dreaming its time to demand it. 


God loves a dreamer!

Anyway, look out for ‘Watto’s Weekly Live’ on You Tube, Twitterand Facebook. 

God Bless you all


Is Back 6.30 Monday 27th March.

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