LCFC V BLUES, fans reaction..

Blues fans react to today’s defeat at Leicester.

Blues played so well M.O.T.M for me ..Buchanan. Did you notice when G.Rowett was explaining to Dembele what he wants. Dembele was sitting down looking like he could not be bothered.

First 2 goals joke and avoidable. Watched/listened to the Leicester City ifollow. There commentator said it’s only a yellow card, when Stansfield would’ve been through!!! SO it was that obvious, but yet again we don’t get the luck. Individual switching off for there winner. We need a change of luck, be better disaplined and more clinical with chances

Ruddy, Brilliant Saves, We Defended magnificently, So unlikely to lose that Game, I can’t see us going down, KRO

Not our worst performance to be honest, thought we deserved at least a point from that. Getting a bit annoyed with this habit we have of conceding in the final minutes. Ruddy probably my MOTM made some big saves in the second half

Buchanan MoM thought we played ok. Strange choice bringing dembele on but maybe results elsewhere made him go more attacking than trying not to lose

They fought today! Dembs giving away of the ball for the goal did hurt but LB, Dion & Manu fought!

Buchanan MOTM for me although whole defence did well. Yes we dropped into the bottom three but still think we have enough about us and if we play like that against team around us then results will
Come. Fans need to stick together and push the team on. When attacking the Tilton suck in every ball and when defending blow. Keep the faith.

Honestly didn’t expect much against Leicester but I’m gutted Huddersfield got a last minute winner to push us into the relegation zone 💔

Blues fought hard today and unlucky to concede late winner again. Ruddy was brilliant today. My MOTM

Ruddy was MOTM yet again scored 1 goal by a mistake by their goalkeeper but not capitalising on it if it wasn’t for ruddy their would have been out of sight Paik was really good today what he does with the ball is unreal . It’s not about performances at this time of the season it’s about results at yet again we conceded a stupid goal for the winner . Another mention Lee Buchanan was really good today .

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