Lee Bowyer, do we back him or boot him?

Before the Boss man of Tilton Talk show Craig Courtney, gets on the line and asks why am I suggesting the removal of Lee can I explain I am deliberately using the ‘eye catching’ headline that many of the bloggers and indeed major periodicals use. That is to show a tag line and have nothing in the article vaguely to do with that headline.

Craig in his excellent interview with Radio WM chastised the Blues’ fans who were calling for Lee’s head. I agree with him entirely. Although the Boss’s record with Blues is now a losing one, he has done enough and learned enough to be a long-term option running the team.

Enough has been said about the defeat to Plymouth and as I didn’t see it, I won’t comment any more. Suffice to say that a team who is a: used to winning, is always likely to beat a team who is a: struggling and b: had six or seven major players removed and c: gets a player sent off. That second yellow made Blues task go from difficult to impossible.

Injury curse hits again

Today’s news that Troy Deeney is out for 4 weeks adds to the feeling that if bad things can happen, they will. Also, if they will happen then Blues will suffer disproportionally.

If by Saturday we take the field with 4 new signings it will in no-way compensate for the injuries, losses of loanees and suspensions we are suffering. Dion Sanderson’s recall was a bolt from the blue for the fans. Lee Bowyer I am sure was aware of the possibility after Dion reported back to the manager of Wolves in December. The decision to dismiss Harley Dean, before a busy holiday time programme was completed, was astonishing. The injury to Marc Roberts left us without a centre half of our own fit to play. Bad luck or bad management? I believe that Lee could be a victim of circumstance but whoever allowed this situation to unfold is culpable. After all, as I say to my snooker opponents the better I play the luckier I get.

One of Lee’s other boobs, particularly annoyed me at the time and still rankles.

After an eight-match unbeaten run towards the end of last season the Gaffer took his feet off the pedal and played weakened teams against Blackburn and Cardiff. This idea that he was giving players the opportunity to show what they could do frankly, was a nonsense. Two drubbings to finish off what should have been a highly successful season soured things for me. Winning is a habit and to surrender that habit was unnecessary. There were players on those sides who we all knew weren’t good enough and throwing them under the bus was not good management.

Riley’s Recruitment

Finally, we have the Mcgree situation which I do not blame Lee for at all. Listening to Lee state quite categorically that Riley’s exit from Blues on January 1st was nailed on. Frankly that didn’t make any sense. Why did he need to go for a preseason in the US when he was half way through the English season?

I take the blame for not seeing the obvious. I stated a couple of weeks ago that Mcgree would not return to Charlotte. Well, I got that right. Where does an Aussie boy of Irish decent with a sweet ‘left foot’ go? How about an Aussie managed Celtic? How did I not see that? Lee obviously knew that was coming but our absent owners wouldn’t release the funds to halt his defection north.

Let’s not kid ourselves, Blues are deep in the soft and smelly. Not as bad as we were a year ago and not as bad as two years ago. The managers at that time we not anywhere near the quality and enthusiasm of Lee Bowyer. Back to basics is not an original way to deal with our situation but Lee has done it before and we trust him to do it again,


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