Leonard Edgington is a BCFC and TTS fan from OZ. We recently asked Leonard for his stories…

“Here goes with my thoughts on being a Blues supporter in Australia.

We left the UK in 2013 for a life of retirement in Queensland, Australia. It was a decision never regretted as Queensland is known as the Sunshine State, I think it should have the word “hot” in front of it.

Of course moving meant I would miss going to Blues matches with friends from North West Supporters Group, drink in Pub before games, banter in car going and returning and in the stadium as well.

The internet has helped enormously plug some of the gaps, but it is not comparable to a live game. Covid is making life difficult for everyone in UK who follows football, they will probably be experiencing similarities to myself although I’m thousands of miles away.

My day begins checking all the websites I use for info on Blues. These include Facebook, Twitter, Bham City app, Whats app, NewsNow, Sporting Life, BCFC.com, TeamTalk, Tilton Talk Show, BluesView Forum, BCFC Fans Forum.

Games when streamed are 9/10hrs in advance of UK, therefore 3pm kick-offs are12 to 1am, 7.45pm kick-offs are 4.45 to 6.45am. Sleep patterns are disrupted obviously, but we all have our crosses to bare. I must admit this season (had) been an awful disappointment with Karanka in charge and some of my dedication had been dwindling, but Bowyer has brought joys and hope once more, long may it continue.

Finally, I’ve supported Blues since 1953 and I’ve had many joys and sorrows along the way, I’ve seen many fantastic games, goals, and players over those years, my love for them will never die.

My wish is to return to St Andrews or even Wembley for a celebratory re-union with friends one day, until then KRO 😎

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3 Replies to “Leonard’s story from afar”

  1. A delight to read. The dedication to watch the games at the hours you do is one to be proud of. Bowyer is a breath of fresh air to us. The owners are much to be desired. I cant wait to see a Bowyer game and hear thevroar of our supporters echo around our newly sold ( yet again) stadium.
    I would love to turn the clocks back about 20 years. But we are true Bluenoses and stick with them through thick and thin. KRO

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