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The latest announcement regarding how we are going to have to attend all sporting events with more than 4000 in attendance, comes into effect after the Cardiff City’s visit on Saturday. The Omicron strand of Covid apparently will voluntarily keep clear of St Andrews until Wednesday. It will then invade every stadium in Britain where it will be turned backed by all with Masks and Vax-passports.

No place for politics in the Watto’s Weekly. Anyway, anyone not aware the country is run by baboons probably have difficulty reading this.

I can of course visit my local non-league club Hastings United (average attendance 1000). without restriction. Ironically Hastings is in the middle of the 3rd worst area for infection.

Then I will bring every disease known to man to the Peterborough match.

Enough of my rants, brought on by a few set backs over the last week or so. Millwall was a disaster. LB obviously doesn’t read this Blog. I pointed out Pederson had the best half of his career against Blackpool at LEFT BACK. At the Den he was back in the ‘three’ and was all over the place. Not alone in that it has to be said.

Sadly, when the boys got a right spanking. The ‘Deen of Troy’ finished off a worldy of a build up with a masterful strike. Its likely to be Blues Goal of the season and counted for nothing.


The Tributes made by the Football Community both locally and nationally for Arthur Labinjo-Hughes were nothing short of magnificent. My colleagues @TiltonTalkShow put on a particularly moving collage of pictures and music while Nick Spall’s opening address brought a tear to many an eye.


Cardiff City this week is a challenge because when we play teams who are on a dip in form and are looking to be put to the sword, ….well you know the rest.

Stay safe #Bluenoses and keep away from disease ridden Southerners!!!

Alan Watton

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