Playing the top trio, momentum continues and missing chances

Blackburn Rovers of Ewood Park is a club whose home has allowed BCFC one win since 1969. Yes 1969! Don’t think that last week’s match where Blues handed out a complete football lesson and the three points was anything unusual. How I remember being 3-1 up with David Dunn scoring against his old club and Robbie Savage bagged a brace against his soon to be new club. The final score 3-3!

I lost count of the number of last-minute winners and equalizers we succumbed to over the years. More recently of course Lee Bowyer’s habit of seeing us safe in the division and giving people a chance has led to some right gubbins. This policy led to Lee’s exit and John Eustace’s takeover. So, every cloud, as they say.

Saturday was very disappointing. Chance after chance was squandered and two slip ups by a usual watertight defence. This was of course added to the one against Burnley 4 days earlier. We stand and applaud the boy’s performance, but we would be happy to be like their fans who were embarrassed by their team but three points better off.

Playing the trio from hell over ten days is a big ask but 4 points from three games would be acceptable. Less than that and our forward momentum grinds to a halt. Rotating the squad leads to desperate substitutions. Against Burnley a point was saved in a game we should have won and at Blackburn there were many chances and only one taken. QPR on a Friday another big test,

Here is a thought to relieve the pressure on our squad.

1 Take a 2-0 lead with 20 minutes to go.

2 Take a 3-0 lead with 30 minutes to go.

3. Choose one of the above.

Seriously, the missed chances are killing us. Chasing games is hard work and our small squad will crack. Look what’s coming up over the next ten days: three more toughies. All winnable but two points from nine well within our compass. The old cliché that anyone can beat anyone in this league is actually close to the truth this season.

We need to be saying anybody can beat anybody – BUT US

Happy Days

God Bless & stay safe Bluenoses

#KRO Its back


This Mon 31st Oct 2022

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