The Blues Hokey Cokey – Players in and then out

Twelve months ago, when we were trimming the staff to remove the big earners Ryan Woods appeared. Presumably he was cheaper than those on their way out, but was given a better deal than the one Stoke City or Millwall his loaners, could come up with.

A local lad, he expressed he was ‘Coming home’ and feeling that at Blues he could really,” set his roots down”.

Well, those roots have hardly touched the floor and he’s been whisked off to Hull City. He abandons his expensive home in Solihull, the most affluent town in the country, possibly, and will battle the cold, wind, sleet and rain as the North Sea laps around his latest luxury dwelling. Who would be a footballer?

Ryan was bought for a purpose and with the shape of the team frequently changing Woods found himself in and out of the team. This year, with all of last year’s midfield injured or returned to home base, Woods was given the major midfield role. He would play with solid support in James and Bacuna. Two games, 4 points and Ryan was suddenly the man. Midfield general able to feed the front runners and bring out wide men into the game.

Cardiff warm up

Suddenly, and almost as he warmed up for the Cardiff game he was gone. Replaced by a debuting teenager, things did not go well. A one-nil defeat at Cardiff, where we created very little, and had NO shots on target showed Woods’ value and was being missed. An improved performance against Watford, caused mainly of adding the pace of Williams got a point.  4 games gone 5 points. Bottom 6 form.

Its of course a very small sample but what worries me is we are forced, through financial restraints, to sell players and risk going from possible Play-off candidates to relegation possible overnight.

Got him at a snip

I’ve seen one or two comments whether Ryan was expendable or nothing to worry about losing but that really isn’t the point. The League’s top team wanted him. They got him at a cut rate price. Hull must be dancing in the street.

 If the gales and rain are not restraining them. We are being picked to the bone. The beggars in the Bull Ring are like us in that they might get a tiny insult of a donation or told to move on as they are a nuisance.

My most favourite mantra says that we have to manage the situation that is, not what we hope it is. The fact is, we had to sell a senior player hoping we could find a replacement at a tenth of the price.  That is not going to work. I trust John Eustace is about to receive some replacements.

We live in hope that the youngsters who have come in learn quickly and reach the standards we require. They will then want the kind of wages Woods and Deeney were on. If we can’t afford it the guys will want to leave and because of that the fees offered for them will be minimal. And so, the sickly cycle goes round and round.

The state of the ground, the catering, the Academy status, access to St Andrews, getting away from St Andrews, the age of the main stand matter little if we cannot get it right on the pitch. That is the coalface. That is where the money is made. 

Monday 22nd August 6.30   its back……..


Is back.

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