On 7th March Tilton Talk was joined by Cliff Horrocks and Neil Cotterill to discuss the findings of the Fan Led Review that was compiled with information from us as fans. The report was compiled by Tracey Crouch MP as chair and now its our opportunity as fans to get this passed at the next level.

Why should I be bothered ?

Alot of people have been asking the same question. The fan led review proposes a series of changes to the sport that help to not only balance the financial situations clubs such as Blues are facing but also bring equality further to the game. New legislation would ensure that owners of clubs had to be fully divulged, they would also have to pass a Fit and Proper test not set by the FA or EFL but by the new governing structure. This is what we as fans have been asking for clarity on. Fans would be more involved, representation on club Boards is not beyond possibility and the Premier League clubs who currently receive/spend extortionate amounts of money on players would be legally required to provide a % of that value to lower league clubs to help maintain the pyramid. This also though supports Grass routes football as the level playing field approach is key.

The Blues Trust have already approached Ian Dutton and his management team and initial feedback was positive and they are now awaiting to hear more.

Further clarity on the findings of the review and what we as fans wants is seen in the summary prepared by the Blues Trust which can be found here. A final and complete copy of the Review Report can also be found on the Government website here or there’s a link on the front page of the Trust website at bluestrust.org

What’s next and what can I do to help?

Well its simple, we must now lobby MP’s to ensure that the review and new legislation proposed is added to the Queens speech due late April/Early May.

We are asking for ALL fans (not only of Blues) to contact your local MP and ask them to show their backing for the Review by writing to Nadine Dorries, the Secretary of State for the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. We want you to ask your MP to ask the Minister for a firm commitment that legislation supporting the full implementation of the Review’s recommendations will definitely be in the Queen’s Speech. The Queen’s Speech sets the business agenda for Parliament and is being prepared by Government right now.

To get the message of change across we are asking you to contact your MP by email in the next couple of weeks. To help with details of the request the Football Supporters Association and Blues Trust have prepared a draft message which can be copied and used, although you can also make additional comments of your own if you wish. The message is here. Once complete then please email this to your Local MP’s (MP’s contact details can be found here: members.parliament.uk/FindYourMP) and let hope the magic can happen

PLEASE issue the email and pass this to your family, friends and work Colleagues across the country to help get this noticed. Remember this is about football as whole not just your team. The introduction of this would help to preventing the next BURY FC and its extinction from the footballing family.

This is an important opportunity for football as a whole to press the reset button. Your help would be very much appreciated and remember “We need you, Your Club needs you and most importantly Football needs you”

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