Bristol to Hull oh and the lack of 3pm Kick Offs

Just how good was last Saturday’s victory against our ‘bunnies’ Bristol? We made the side of Nigel Pearson look totally inadequate and the manager apoplectic with rage. I always watch the highlights reels of both clubs and the neutral versions to get a better idea of the real differences between the teams. Fair play to Pearson he was savagely honest about the merits of the two sides. Bristol City TV could only find 2 shots by Bristol players both which sailed high wide and not particularly handsome.

Such is Football Bristol managed 2 goals against the tightest defence in the division, Preston in a 2-1 win the following Wednesday. It just emphasizes how much Blues had succeeded in nullifying what was a decent side.

Every player who took the field was worth at least an 8. 9 for Trusty because of his 2 goals and 8.5 for Sanderson for his goal. Sadly, the Wolves loanee will miss Sunday’s trip to Hull. (Having originally planned to go, Sunday’s trains make it impractical.)  What is it about playing centre-half for Birmingham? Roberts, Sanderson and Nico Gordon who would make a decent back line in any Championship line up are all un-available.

Hull City have a solid home record and over the last few years we have been trashed or cheated at a ground we once had a decent record. 11 points from Blues’ last six games is promotion form. So why the vast improvement?

Credit to the manager John Eustace for sticking to his guns. Everyone says how well the youngsters have done and that’s true but having 4 or 5 teenagers in the side at the same time was asking too much. Gaining experience is one thing but without the wins in the results column it soon becomes pressure that young minds can do without. On Saturday the younger players who got on the field were assured and liberated from the pattern that if we concede we can’t win. George Hall had an exceptional 50 mins and James Jordon was able to continue the pressure Blues were imposing.

The excellent Bielik was relieved by Jobe Bellingham with a dozen minutes left. The 17-year-old slipped into the Polish maestro’s shoes impeccably, winning tackles and passing with coolness and authority. Apparently, he has a brother who’s quite good.

Finally, apparently due to the matches being rearranged for TV our next Saturday 3.00pm kick off is January 21st, 2023. It’s great for me because I can save up for the £70 train fare or £78 petrol. Oh, wait a minute I have 3 Energy bills to pay before then.  Bummer!

God Bless & stay safe Bluenoses


Its back!


This Mon 17th Oct 2022

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