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What a week! Firstly, Blues carried on where they left off against Huddersfield when they put the Baggies firmly in their place. An unchanged side was well policed by West Brom who diminished the attacking threat only for the goals to come from different sources. Yes, the penalty was fortunate because 90% of refs would not have had the balls to give it. Replays showed clearly had run his studs down Myoshi’s knee. Thankfully our usual penalty takers were not on the field and Bacuna slid the ball home confidently. The goals from Sanderson and Gardner were worldies and that was that. Little did we know that the owners were to axe the most successful and popular management team Blues have had this century.

As the weekend’s games unfolded Blues had gone from 5th to 12th and finally settled in 6th place as those around them stumbled. This apparently showed the owners that Blues lacked a winning mentality and the manager, though competent was not a big enough character to be in charge. At my age and at any age for that matter I have no interest in how many Super Bowl rings Tom Brady has or we have fireworks at the start. The fan experience for me is simple. I turn up, we get 3 points and I go home. As I travel two hundred miles to home games to St Andrews I would like to get a drink when I arrive but so far that has not been possible. Sort that out Messers Wagner and Brady. I have been to American sporting events I know you wouldn’t stand for that.

We then get a statement that the club wants a manager with a winning mentality and appoint a manager with no winning record at all. In American sporting parlance a winning team is “above 500”. Translated, that means winning more than you lose. 

In America that will likely get you in the playoffs. This, even if it’s a first-round loss will give you the chance to triple the prices and get 10 times the TV coverage and give the manager a new contract. I’m sorry but that don’t work here.

Wayne Rooney is the man entrusted with the task of getting us out of the division. The right way, not the Derby County way. He and his team are firstly have no affinity with Birmingham City unlike the previous team who were all Birmingham people. This was something that endeared them to the fans. We are paying Wayne three times the amount that John Eustace received. This boy better win the league to justify that remarkable fact. Is Wayne likely to do a better job than Eustace? I think it is highly unlikely.

Will the management team have any idea of who’s who in our squad? Will he have a new and successful strategy to take on Middlesbrough in 10 days? Does he have any idea who is actually available to him? I doubt very much if he has an opinion on any of the many unfit players particularly the younger ones. That is my fear. Just as a visible progress was being made then we must start again. We must continue to at least keep in and around the playoffs. If we fall away before the transfer window, then buying new players will be a waste of time. As will the badly timed changes we have just witnessed.

Anyway, look out for ‘Watto’s Weekly Live’ on You Tube, Twitter and Facebook. 

God Bless you all


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3 Replies to “The chairman speaks after a hectic week”

  1. Would a club with the ambition of Blues realistically have stuck with a manager of Eustace ‘s standing…. I think not. These guys mean business and want the best possible people around to achieve it. KRO

    1. So why Rooney? Why not Potter for example? Rooney has no standing as a manager, I really hope he ends up with one while he’s at Blues but I am not counting chickens.

  2. It will certainly be a interesting couple of months to see how Rooney gets more out of the squad,l personally think he will edge towards more of the younger players as they are the ones who he can mould and have more improvement in them,l don’t think you will improve the likes of Hogan,Roberts,Gardner,Long,Jukiewitz etc.and maybe Ruddy and l can see the above mentioned leaving the building at the end of the season.It is going to be a youthful setup in future.

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