From Fairs cup to Unfair comments

Birmingham City line up to face Inter Milan in the San Siro 1962. Fairs Cup Semi-Final 1st Leg (Won 2-1)

Well, it’s been quite a week since I last put my fingers to the key boards. It would be nice to start with the three games we played, the mixed fortunes and the wonderful protests which have seen our plight reach out to football’s communities around the world.

However, I will start with a sad tale which show Blues’ fans and the club in a very poor light. The producer of the Tilton Talk show, Chris Brown (Mrs Brown) has been abused on line by some people who are supposed to be fans of the club. What Chris has done to upset anyone with a Bluenose is honestly a mystery. What he does for The TTS is beyond belief and he is dedicated to the good of the club. Whoever lowered themselves to publish such nonsense should publicly apologize to him and all the TTS team.

The Tilton Talk show is a FANS FORUM and has no ties to the club. My contribution at a ‘former Terrace Talk’ columnist was a connection to the club. I did have a fall out with Karren Brady because I was over critical of the team. It wasn’t long after that the Terrace Talk was handed over to ‘guest writers. I do now have the opportunity to say exactly what I do think and feel. Disagree with me by all means. Twitter, Facebook and of course the Monday night show are freely available. Keep it clean and keep it fair.

I personally believe the show is a victim of its own success. I joined over a year ago having watched avidly from my seaside home. It was a blessed relief from arguing with Spurs and Arsenal fans on who was the poorest spenders. The only chance to talk and read about Birmingham City FC. 400 miles round trip for a home game and someone’s opinion to chew over on Monday night.

People misguidedly though they were on some official outlet, maybe it is not filled with foul language or pokes at local opposition.

If the people who run it decide its no longer worth it then those that have caused the trouble will be well on the way to destroying a great Internet medium and eventually the club itself.

As for the football?   Over 3000 fans are off to Derby on Sunday none of whom were amongst the slaggers who have stained this Club. It’s a magnificent effort and thanks to Derby for furnishing us with so many places.

The last 8 days has seen us take 4 points from 3 games which fans would have been happy with. In most Januarys we rarely get 4 points in the month. New players are settling in well and are an improvement on those going out. Until the injury list gets reduced and the new players get here then we have to lower expectations.

The performances were not great but we have scored goals. See you Monday. #KRO

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