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International Week has come and gone thankfully and the fact that it’s the only week that has 14 days says every thing you need to know about the way football is run. Everton have been docked 10 points for their deliberate flouting of the rules and are pleading for sympathy. Well, it is not coming from this neck of the woods. Blues were docked 9 points which was an effort to get them into League 1 and our misdemeanor was trying to work with the EFL to prevent that. Sadly, the EFL hadn’t got a clue what they were doing. Pointing out their short comings and dealing with our own problems was what got us into the EFL’s malicious bad books. So hard cheese Everton, suck it up and get on with it. I suspect the fans of Luton, Derby, Reading and Wigan are just a sympathetic as Birmingham City.

In America its been Thanksgiving Week and our owners have been celebrating accordingly. We Blues fans are also very thankful for their contribution to the Blues. We are now on the map as Club going places, the ground is about to be fully re-opened, and the match day experience has for some been improved. Our gratitude is immense. However, the owner’s judgement is not without error. On my first Christmas with my wife bought me a wonderful dressing gown which was MAROON. Obviously, I wouldn’t be seen dead in that colourso I changed it for another colour and told my darling wife the stitching had come loose and there were no more claret ones left. That is the same feeling I have about Wayne Rooney and his tribe of coaches. The owners can’t understand what we are so upset about.  Well, LLDLL might explain it to them. Sadly, there are no refunds if you take them back to the shop. 

My sincere wish is that the massive split in the attitude of the fans ends immediately. Those that say that a mistake has been made, are somehow disloyal to the club or “not real fans”. I could say that those who support the change of management are also not true fans. It is a ludicrous idea. One thing I know is that every fan who expresses an opinion is passionate, blind, misguided maybe but passionate. It wasn’t always so. In the 80s the club was far worse than it is now, and gates were down to 6,000. You were lucky if the local press featured Blues at all let alone headline the back page. Fans disappeared like raindrops on a goal net. I would point out that I stood firm apart from 4 weeks between Dave Mackay’s sacking and Lou Macari’s entrance. 

Sheffield Wednesday visit us tomorrow. In a normal time, the match would be Wayne’s last chance. In Blues world with the EFL breathing down our necks, new owners who are not keen to admit they are wrong and no money to pay for those mistakes, one can just hope for the best.

God bless you all.

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