For the record its 17,45 and the England side has been announced with no changes. That means that Jude Bellingham the 19-year-old former academy player of Birmingham City will play. You are probably thinking that Watto has flipped his lid. You know all that don’t you?  Apparently, there are people in the football world who don’t know this. I have upset a member of the Sky reporters’ team who showed his lack of knowledge regarding the Stourbridge super star. I suggested that this Spurs Supporter was a ‘know nothing Cockney’. This offended him as he said he was from Northern Ireland!  Two out of three isn’t bad.

Real football was back today with Blues taking on Blackpool. After a month’s break the boss announced that there were no injury worries. Surprise then the previously unavailable Hogan and Dean remained so. The game was badly refereed with players continually fouling and cards apparently left at home. This played into the home side’s hands whose only defense against the battering Blues gave them was to continually foul. Blues to be fair, handed out their fair share of niggly fouls. Consequently, the game never developed into a football match. Had it, then Blues would have prospered.

 Why the Blues were not 3-0 up at half time took some believing. Returning Marc Roberts managed to shin a chance over the bar from six feet. Chong received a dream pass from Hannibal slipped the ball neatly over the keeper only for the ball to hit the inside of the post.  Then when the ball found the net at last from a crisp Colin strike, the AR raised his flag. Yes, there were two players in offside positions but were they interfering with the goalie’s vision? NO.

The Ref was aware of that but bottled it in favour of the home side. The Goalie had a clear site and almost managed to dive and keep it out. The one in the second half was offside as the ball was ping-ponging about and Trusty’s finish was irrelevant. Not so in the last minutes when Hannibal, again set up Chong, was unbalanced with a tug on the arm. Penalty and red card. Once again, the ref left his courage firmly in the bottle and Blues drew a blank.

4 points off the play offs still, safe in mid-table, six points off the relegation zone. (West Brom & Blackpool) Whichever way you describe it we lack goals. In terms of goals per game we have the 2nd best defense in the league.

Anyway, its kickoff time. This Cillian bloke playing for France, wasn’t he in Peaky Blinders?

God Bless

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